Was it "true love"?
Or was it "dating advice"?
         Or how about just "soul mate"?

Hey, girl... (Not a girl?  Guys click here)
Been searchin' the net for information on
love and romance? Didn't find much, did
you? I'll bet you landed on sites like these:

  • "Find true love tonight!"
    (online dating)
  • "Enhance romance" (sex toy shops)
  • "Perfect gift for your sweetie"
    (nice, but no sweetheart to give it to)


But genuine help with love and romance? Nowhere in site!
(Pardon the pun) .   Well, your luck has changed...You found
US, didn't you?

And we've been waiting for YOU...with free advice to help
you find true love... then keep it alive!

Bookmark this site now... place it in your "life-changing
websites" folder...



Hi again! I'm Stella, and I'm just curious...
what landed YOU here?
  • Lonesome? Tired of spending the
    night with a good book and a glass
    of wine? (Well, okay, maybe the
    whole bottle)
            bottle of wine inside wine glass       red book
  • Yearn for the sweet, magic touch
    of that special soul mate?
  • Found true love and want to keep
    it true?

       Who the heck is              Stella?
      And why should I
        listen to HER?

      Sounds like what you need is a plan...like our.....................



The girls and I have constructed a truly amazing
website here. We've assembled the tools and mapped
out a common-sense, real-world plan to help you achieve
success in the romance arena. This fresh new approach
will turn you on your ear!

We'll lead you step-by-step through some life-altering
changes you can make to prepare for true love. These
techniques really work!

                                                    small smiling sunburst
Oh, you say, already found a love? Well, we have help for
you, too...

          GOT IT? KEEP IT!    love heart with arrow piercing it


So...you think you've found the right mate? Then set fire to this thing and let's see what happens! We'll help you see why true love and romance should get "top billing" in your life...
(even if you've got young-uns)...
(especially if you've got young-uns).
     roaring flames to represent burning love


We'll show you how to turn your bedroom into the sensuous, comforting SHRINE it deserves to be...               altar set up to green indian man with burning candle

We'll give you plenty of tools, techniques, and creative ideas to keep your partner guessing.... delighted.... content...... and IN LOVE. (Because there's nothing more important, you know).

          SOUNDS LIKE WORK    love heart with arrow piercing it
                 (GOT ANY FUN IN THERE?)

We certainly do! Yes, you'll have to roll up your sleeves and
do a little work to get this thing moving, but we are firm
believers in the power of PLAY, too.

Humor is an essential ingredient in any successful true love
relationship. So... we've provided a little magic and a lot of
fun to ease you along in your quest for true love...


  • Explore the principles of Feng Shui, Tarot, and astrology... try the Zodiac Love Match Tool. It's all in fun... but who knows? I found my soul mate after Feng Shuing my house... honest!
  • Visit "Soul Central"... The Magic Pen. It's chock full of inspiring love poems and quotes. The written word has changed the course of history. Maybe it can help change yours, too...
  • Master the basics of sensual massage and aromatherapy... talk about enhance romance!
  • Read up on sensuous music CDs, aphrodisiac cookbooks (!), fun and revealing romantic games and kits. Imagine... Strip Chocolate or Glow-in-
    the-dark Finger Paints. Dare to be a kid again...
  • Add some fun and spice to your love life with
    our most excellent relationship compatibility
    test, "Dig A Little Deeper!" Now this thing is
    a blast! 104 crucial questions guaranteed to
    get you guys talking, provide some comic relief,
    and enhance your relationship! Bonus reports: sexual compatibility test; how to tell if it's true love; and telltale signs of a cheating mate (gulp)(Click on the book to learn more now)
     showing palm, moon, stars, occult
          purple ink pot and yellow writing feather
    shadow of girl massaging man on massage table


       SO...WHAT'LL ALL THIS COST ME?   love heart with arrow piercing it

Absolutely nothing! Most of the good stuff you need to succeed
is free. You see, we are a different kind of web site. What you
WON'T find here:

  • Whirling kabobbies colorful pinwheel toy and annoying pop-ups
  • Flashing neon banners proclaiming: "You've won! You've
    won!" (Because you haven't...yet).
  • No spam from us! 
                                    plate of sliced spam

As we grow we will be adding lots more info... reviews
of quality products, tasteful enhancements,
and links to good resources (books and tapes, etc.). 

You can always count on us for well-rounded and honest
descriptions and reviews of these items.

Want to know who we are and why you should follow our
advice? Meet   Stella and the gang.

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