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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : January 2007

Dear Stella: "She needs a little space?"
January 2, 2007 07:58


I have been dating this girl for 4 months. We have so much in common. If I was to make a list of wants for a partner, she has everything. For the first three and a half months we called each other every day and were together almost every day. Our children (we each have 4) are all the same ages and get along great.They even joke about who gets what room when we move in. My problem is the last couple of weeks she seems different. She got mad and didn't want me to visit or call every day.She still says not to worry, that her feelings for me haven't changed. She said she needs a little space. I believe her but I am afraid I am chasing her away. How do I talk to her about it or am I stressed for nothing? ---Danny

Click here to read Stella's advice to Danny: (The Rest of the Story...)

Get a Virtual Hairstyle Makeover!
January 3, 2007 07:28


Your hair... your crowning glory! It says a lot about you, you know, and can make or break your look.

We found a cool website where you can play around with new hairstyles.... on your own face! It's called The Hairstyler, and although there is a small fee to use all the features, you can still try the free demo on a "virtual model" and get a free hairstyle consultation. With paid membership, you can choose from 53 colors and 5,000 styles. If you find a look you like, you can print up a synopsis and styling directions for you, or your beautician. Full membership costs $14.95 for 3 months.

Click here to explore their website: The Hairstyler. Have fun!

Sign of a Cheating Mate
January 6, 2007 07:51

     Yesterday, we gave you a checklist of warning signs that your partner may be cheating on you. Today, we present the whole article, with specific steps you can take to get to the bottom of things... (The Rest of the Story...)

The Game of Love: Visit the Slightly Naughty Playroom!
January 8, 2007 06:54

Well, guys, we've done it. We finally finished construction on our "Slightly Naughty Playroom". Okay, so maybe some of the stuff isn't quite so "slightly", but it's all tasteful fun. This cool webpage is chock-full of quality games, kits and fun items designed... (The Rest of the Story...)

Cool New Device for your Computer
January 9, 2007 06:59

I found the coolest device, you gotta hear about this. I installed it last night and it's incredible. It is a Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000. Meant for laptops, you can just as well use it for your desktop, or even switch back and forth, or, do like I'm gonna do… order two…. one for each computer.

What's so special about it? It is a MAGNIFYING GLASS! That's right, one button click, and you have this little magnifying glass you can move around the screen to read fine print easily or just make it all easier to SEE things. And it's all adjustable, make the area bigger, or the amount of magnification stronger. BTW, 4 way scrolling and snap in USP tab that turns the battery off. Geez! The wonders of science. Don't you just love it?

I don't know about you, but I'm a baby boomer, and just like everybody else in my family, my 20/20 vision started to slip a little once I reached the big 4-0. This cool new item from Microsoft, well, I just had to have it!

Want one? Here's a good price and there's a $10 rebate on right now!

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 4000

"This Is It!"-- 1/07 Contest Winner
January 10, 2007 07:20


This is it!
What I have waited for.
Warm days in the nights of cold.
Happiness in the deepest sorrow.
Lightness in the darkness.

This is it!
What I have waited for.
My other half.
My significant other.
My counter part.

This is it!
What I have waited for.
The one I will give myself to.
Never look back.
Love for the rest of my days.
Until young turns to old.

This is it!
What I have waited for.
The love of my life.
True love
Transcending love.

This is it!
What I have waited for.

-- by Doris/hotmail

Send Your Kid to Driving School
January 11, 2007 07:08

My niece Krista was killed in a car crash yesterday. She was the "shining star" of a large and growing clan of a family. Just 14 years old, she had already toured the University of Florida at Gainesville, with high hopes for attending after graduation, perhaps going into veterinary. Krista was a sweetie, a gorgeous girl with a very sharp mind. Honor roll student, well loved and respected by her teachers and many friends, cheerleader, no drugs, no alcohol. Just a bright star in our lives. And the absolute apple of her Grandpa's eye. And her Grandmother, Mimi, and Great-Grandma Faye. Her Mom and Dad, of course, are devastated. Oh, what a sad day this is; my family has been damaged forever.

Krista died because of the inexperience of the 16 year old driver of the car she was riding in. No substance abuse involved. He had his license for a month, apparently was excited about it, and just wanted to take her for a ride. Now, I know they say that shit just happens, and if your ticket is up, it's your time. But I can't help but think that more training just might have made this kid a better driver and just might have prevented this tragic event. I made both of my children attend formal defensive driving training courses, at the tune of $300+ each, when they got their permits. It was a small price to pay for whatever edge it might give them in the highway wars. Will you turn your kid loose with a deadly weapon (car) without doing the same?

Krista, you will be sorely missed. We'll see you again one day.

And what do you wear to bed? Sexy lingerie shapewear?
January 12, 2007 08:27

      No? (Didn't think so). So what is it? T-shirt and boxers? Old flannel nightie your Mom got tired of? Girl, you are overlooking one easy and guaranteed way to ramp up your intimate life together… (The Rest of the Story...)

Monday morning...
January 15, 2007 07:31

Hi, just a cool pic to brighten your day!


Here's My Card...
January 16, 2007 07:15


There you are at a party. You sort of hit it off with someone, interesting conversation. You're intrigued, and would like to get to know them better. But the party's ending, and the opportunity may well be lost. Now what?

You hate to ask for his phone number, and certainly won't offer yours (too forward). You can avoid this whole awkward moment by exchanging business cards. Just casually ask, "May I have your business card"?

And, you have done your homework, you are prepared, and you have your own card to offer. What a classy way to give a guy your phone number! And this advice goes for you guys, as well. Don't have a business card? Don't have a business to even base a card on? No problem. Follow our instructions for coming up with a great card idea, and then printing it up on your own computer... Love Step 6


Sinfully Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries!
January 17, 2007 07:10


Chocolate! It's a natural for Valentine's Day. And we've discovered a fantastic recipe for Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Why wait for Sweetheart's Day? Try this out on your lover tonight!

* 12 oz bag of milk chocolate or semi-sweet chips
* 1 ½ tablespoons shortening
* 1 ½ pound fresh strawberries with leaves

1. Wash and dry berries (choc won't stick if they are wet). Insert toothpicks into the tops of the strawberries, at the leaves.

2. In a double boiler or fondue pot, melt the chocolate and shortening, stirring occasionally until smooth. (You can also nuke them in the microwave at 70% power for 2-3 minutes, but don't overdo it). Holding them by the toothpicks, dip the strawberries into the chocolate mixture, about ¾ the way up the berry.

3. Turn the strawberries upside down and insert the toothpick into styrofoam for the chocolate to cool. Or lay them down on wax paper to cool.

White chocolate may be drizzled over the milk chocolate for a fancier look.

Feed these to your baby for a sensuous sweet treat!

January 19, 2007 07:10


One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do.

Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn't worth it to retrieve the donkey.

He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone's amazement, he quieted down.

A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down into the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up.

As the farmer's neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up.

Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!

Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a stepping stone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up.

Remember the five simple rules for happiness:

1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive.
2. Free your mind from worries - Most never happen.
3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.
4. Give more. It gets easier.
5. Expect less. You won't be disappointed.

NOW .............

Enough of that crap. The donkey later came back and bit the farmer who had tried to bury him. The gash from the bite got infected and the farmer eventually died in agony from septic shock.


When you do something wrong, and try to cover your ass, it always comes back to bite you.

How To (Gently) Cure Your Gift-Phobic Guy
January 22, 2007 07:28

       If you are one of the thousands of women who received a household appliance for your last anniversary, you are not alone. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of women who received... (The Rest of the Story...)

More Funny Signs!
January 24, 2007 07:40



You Guys Need a Break? How 'Bout a Romantic Bed and Breakfast Getaway?
January 26, 2007 13:56

      (Key West)

This might be just the thing you two need to R&R and "re-flame" your relationship. (It would also make a fantastic and unique Valentine's day gift--- give a B&B gift certificate and let your sweetie pick the spot). (The Rest of the Story...)

You Know You're a Redneck When...
January 29, 2007 09:51

Your wife is quoted in the local paper saying this:

PISCES! Here's your romance horoscope for February...
January 31, 2007 08:07


Not a Pisces? Well, click here for your free love horoscope!

Okay, Pisces, here it is:

Do some prioritizing this month, Pisces. What do you really want from your love relationship? Are you putting forth enough effort yourself to make things work? Or do you really not care enough to work at things? You may run into a power struggle with your partner that makes things crystal clear, one way or the other. Take steps to solve these problems, during the last week of the month. Your path will become easier after this.


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