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The Love Blog

Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : September 2008

Boo Boo Bear
September 2, 2008 08:40


            Ah hah! What have we here? Breakfast?


            Hmmm, hope this is worth it!


             Gotcha!!! Hey, where's the grub?


             Help! Help! Momma, I'm stuck!

*** The moral of the story: "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it!"

What? The Palin Family Is Human???
September 3, 2008 14:47

I almost always stay out of the political arena with this blog. But I am outraged! Moved to action!
If I can affect one potential voter, then I feel like I have done a good deed today

Can you please tell me what on earth Ms. Palin's daughter's pregancy has to do with her
ability to help rule this country? If anything, it proves she is only human and in touch with
the common problems you and I face every day.

She is a reformist. Our country is in a mess and needs reform. Lots of it! We have sunk into a quagmire
of bloated government and sinful, almost incomprehensible spending of our hard-earned tax dollars.
We may be beyond help, but I hope not. I think we really need someone like Sarah Palin at the controls,
and I think McCain made a good and wise choice.

A curse on the media and journalists for making this a big issue! How dare they take away our hopes for reform!

If McCain ditches her because she might not be "politically correct" then SHAME ON HIM, AND HE LOSES MY VOTE!!!

And I have the balls to post this before even listening to her speech tonight on TV...


September Poetry Winner: Faithful Whispers
September 8, 2008 20:11


Come closer and feel my breath on your heart,

For I know of no other way but to tell you this, so i will start

With an empty promise fulfilled by my touch,

That caresses and builds with a sweeping rush,

I love you, a kiss falls so gently on your ear,

Yet it is my sweet honesty you fear,

Nothing showing but a clown's tear of pride,

I glide so gently with with you and time

For you indeed love me too,

And a rose on the sweet breath of life

Allows me to answer "i do".

      --- Aminah/hotmail

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Ladies in Texas! Order Now Before Ike Hits!
September 11, 2008 07:47


(I can get away with this... I live in Florida! Keep smilin', kids)

Who Says Animals Don't Have Human Feelings?
September 15, 2008 11:50




Here's Your Sign...
September 18, 2008 07:14



Okay, let me explain....

This is how it went, and this is a true story.
It was for someone leaving an insurance claims office.


Employee: "WalMart Bakery, how can I help you?"

Customer: "I'd like to order a large sheet cake for a retirement party".

Employee: "What you want on the cake?"

Customer: "Best Wishes Suzanne", and underneath that "We will miss you".

Natasha's in trouble... can you help?
September 25, 2008 07:29


We received a plea for advice the other day from Natasha in Spokane...

7 year relationship... the thrill is gone
2 babies
Mate would rather stroll internet porn than be intimate with her
He's out all the time... she's home with the babies
Lonely and unsure

Do you have any advice for Natasha?
Then please read her story, my reply, and leave your advice in comments at the bottom:

Lonely and Unsure

Movie Review... Life as a House
September 28, 2008 18:33


Watched a DVD last night you might want to buy or rent... we loved it!

The movied is Life As A House, starring Kevin Kline and Kristen Scott Thomas.
It is the story of a man who learns he has terminal cancer... which spurs him into really
living for the first time in his life.

How does he choose to send the last few months of his life? By building a house,
and restoring a horrible relationship with his rebellious teenage son, Sam.
The metaphor, of course, is obvious... he is building a strong and sturdy house
as he rebuilds his life and family... from the foundation up!

Strong performances, humor, a great script, and beautiful cinematography all
combine to provide an entertaining and worthwhile evening in front of the tube.
With an important message.... don't take life for granted...



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