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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : October 2008

Free Memorial Videos?
October 2, 2008 07:28

Do you know someone who has lost a dear loved one,
or has this terrible tragedy happened to you?

Then you would benefit from a new grief recovery website
we know of:

They present a wealth of good solid information on bereavement,
as well as a strong message of hope for the future.

And right now they are offering a free memorial video DVD to the
first three visitors who request it! A video memorial is sure to provide
comfort and become a cherished memento of the lost loved one.

Take advantage of this free, no-strings-attached offer here: Free Memorial Video Offer


Partying Pumpkin...
October 13, 2008 10:50


Makes you want to pop a cold one, right?
Have a bright Monday!

Reach Into Your Mind, Not Your Heart, on November 4th
October 22, 2008 07:47


Before us right now is probably one of the most important presidential elections in our lifetime. Why? We have come to a crossroads. After years of prosperity and spending (by both parties), our overextended credit, out-of control government bureaucracy and fuel wasting policies have caught up to us. Not to mention the threat from terrorist elements who truly hate us and want to destroy us.

Please treat your one vote next month like the precious privilege it is, and don't throw it away on a whim, party affiliation or emotional racial statement (one way or the other). Take the time to do a little investigation and make an informed decision. Our future as a nation depends on it.

We give you below a concise and quick way to arm yourself with the facts so that you will enter the voting booth next month with confidence that you are doing the right thing for your country.

FIRST, read their books. Order them below, have delivered next day, and set aside time to get them read. Or get to the bookstore after work today and buy them. They are both fascinating in what they reveal about the candidates.


THEN, check out their voting records and stands on the major issues. This unbiased website will give you the lowdown on how these two men really voted in congress, before they became presidential candidates. PROJECT VOTE SMART:

Don't vote for one ticket simply because it is "your party". Don't vote for a man simply because he is black. Don't vote for the other man simply because he is white. Don't vote for a man because he is a polished, charismatic speaker and the other is not as comfortable and glib at the podium. Don't vote for one team because the VP pick is an attractive and intriguing woman and the other's VP is prone to foot-in-mouth disease. This election choice is so much more important than that.

Get the two books. Power read them. Get the measure of the men. Then check their voting records in congress. Mull it over. Get cold and unemotional about this.

We go to the polls in exactly two weeks. Reach into your mind, not your heart, and and pick which man you honestly think will bring us back from the brink of financial ruin, reduce bloated government spending, reverse our energy poverty, and stay strong against the terrorist threat!

Get the facts!
Make an informed decision!
Then vote!

See you at the polls,

More From The Sidewalk Artist
October 29, 2008 07:37

Is this guy fantastic, or what?







Wonder how he feels when a storm cloud gathers?

*Find TRUE LOVE here.

*Recover from LOSS here.


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