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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : April 2009

High Anxiety? Help Is Just A Click Away
April 9, 2009 21:12

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Natural Remedies For Anxiety

True Love Endures
April 14, 2009 16:14

[We found this one during our internet travels]
This love story will make you smile...


The first time I saw Winston was at a summer of 1966 concert, a Memphis Action Agency event. Winston was a founding member of a band called The Cipangoes. I knew even then that he and I would have a life connection. Once school began that fall, I learned from a girl who was dating one of the band members that during the summer concert, with all the screaming and cheering for The Cipangoes, that Winston had seen me and wanted to meet me. But it was not to be -- yet.

We didn't see each other again until The Cipangoes played at my school on Feb. 14, 1967, at the Valentine's Day dance. On that night, it became official: Our eyes met, we exchanged phone numbers and our courtship began. We continued our relationship as high school sweethearts.

Then, as now, he was extremely talented and was recruited by several bands as a keyboard player. He played for The Trademarks; and then in 1970-71 he kept a busy schedule traveling with The Bar-Kays, and he played with the band until the 1990s. I remained in Memphis. Our affair of heart was not to be, but while he was out of my sight he never, ever left my heart. Our lives went separate ways. I married; he married. Both marriages ended in divorce, but we were each blessed with two children from those unions..

Fast forward 19 years: a mutual friend ran into him. They began to reminisce about their youth, those summer concerts and ... Winston asked about ME, where I was and how I was doing. Our friend said fine and that I was still in the city (a surgical nurse).

Winston ended up calling my mother's house to find me. When we finally reconnected -- I was still crazy about him! It was as though I had been given a second chance on several levels. We shared, we laughed, we courted, we rediscovered our friendship and, most of all, our love of God and for each other.

On June 14, 1997 we were married at Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church. Winston has stayed in music. Today's he's minister of music at our church. He has always been such a gentleman, so polite and caring. Last Valentine's Day, Winston arranged a special dinner for me at home, with his sons in tuxes to seat and serve us. It was such a beautiful surprise.

Some say our marital bliss is a fairy tale come true. I say it is a true gift from God and our ancestors from ages past. For many leave this Earth with heavy hearts, wondering about the one that got away, but I will leave this Earth having been given a second chance to spend my life with the love of my life, with a man who has given me his heart. For that I am ever thankful.

~Johnnie Pearl Turner Stewart, Memphis,TN


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