30 years have past

by Larry

I dated a woman 30 years ago and I broke it off at the time because I wasn't ready for the feelings I was having. We both went on with our lives but earlier this year my wife passed away and this woman from 30 years ago got in contact with me.

She had gotten a divorce but is currently living with someone for the last 5 years but has told me she is not all that happy. We have been e-mailing each other every day for the last 6 months and she said her curiosity has gotten the best of her and she wants to come out to see me.

My question is this: Am I setting myself up by meeting with her and do you think there is a chance that we could hit it off again, and what should I do to make that happen?


From Stella:

Go for it, Larry!
You will only know if good things might happen with this love from your past if you see her.
Quit trying to analyze the what-ifs and maybes. Either the spark will ignite or it won't. You have nothing to lose by seeing her.

Good luck!

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