50 year old married man in love with a 27 year old leasbian woman

Hi in my opinion my problem is probably not a common one, I met someone about 2 years ago she is a lesbian with a girlfriend but we became very close and on one occasion we had sex. I'm very conflicted for two reasons: one shes a lesbian with a girlfriend and two Im married for many years. Not sure how to proceed I know I love her but Im also realistic and feel a bit foolish for feeling this way. I dont want to hurt anyone and also dont know how to deal with this situation, Im sure in a different time and place something may have come of this but what do I do now. I love her i know she has feeelings for me but again shes a lesbian and Im married. Well have at it Stella!

Answer from Stella:

Hi 50 year old,

I know you are emotionally involved here, but if you could just step back and look honestly at this situation, there is only one way to go.

Save your wife the pain of divorce and yourself the misery of trying to make a solid relationship with someone whose sexual orientation is not on men!

Disentangle yourself from this hopeless relationship immediately and let yourself heal. Then work hard to make your marriage the best it can be.

Hope this helps!

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50 year old man 27 yr old lesbian
by: Anonymous

Also, you need to take into consideration that she will get bored with you quickly because of the age difference. Once you can't keep up the pace with a vibrant, young 27 year old, you will be gone...she will most likely not want to go to bed early at night and want to sleep late in the mornings...If you are not in the very best shape to keep up with her then you are in for a big surprise...She is also a lesbian and most likely just wants to go back for a quick review of how it used to be before she decided to become a lesbian. She will not leave her lover for you nor should you ruin your marriage for her.

by: Anonymous


People do not "decide" to be or to become homosexual. Did you "decide" to be straight? People are what and who they are. Respect and understanding always. It´s the least that we can do for others.

As for 50-year old: leave the relationship with the girl. It is doomed to failure and your chances of becoming badly damaged increase greatly if you allow it to continue... Stella is right.

And never feel "foolish" about your feelings. They are nothing to be ashamed of. We are capable of love. This is a good thing. Things happen. This is all.

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