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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Dating Tips : WARNING! Girls, don't let this happen to you on that first date...

WARNING! Girls, don't let this happen to you on that first date...

There you guys are at Olive Garden... things are going great. Maybe this is your new soulmate? It's "wine-tasting" night--and you try them all. There's a soft, warm buzz in the air... is it true love? NO, just that damn demon alcohol, rearing it's ugly head!


Then, you do it... you mention...(7 things you should never mention on that first date)


1. How expensive Prozac is getting to be.

2. Why Marie Callendar is superior to Stouffers.

3. That your stalking ex-boyfriend just got out of jail.

4. How hard it is to keep the litter box clean with 4 cats.

5. Why you hate Nascar, March Madness and Monday night football.

6. That there's no room for another tattoo on your back.

7. Why body hair on a woman is earthy and natural.

These were kinda for fun. For a real and useful guide to making a great first date impression, visit Dating Dos and Don'ts.

(Tomorrow: 7 things a man should never mention)


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