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Love Bytes for April * Giant Finds Love* Discovering Each Other
April 01, 2012

Love Bytes, Issue #047-- Tallest Man Finds Love * Discovering Each Other * Romance Tip

April, 2012
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""What's love but a second hand emotion?"
            ~Tina Turner"

World's tallest man finds true love

        worlds tallest man finds bride

The world’s tallest man has finally found a mate - and she barely comes up to his elbow!

Bao Xishun, who is seven feet nine inches tall (2.36 meters), is the tallest living man, according to the Guiness Book of Records. He lives in Chifeng, in China’s Inner Mongolia region, and makes a living herding livestock and hiring out for publicity stunts. Bao has been seeking a bride for years. At last, at the age of 56, he has found his true love in his own home town!

Mr Bao had searched far and wide for a suitable wife. “After sending out marriage advertisements across the world and going through a long selection process, the efforts have finally paid off,” the Beijing News said. Bao heard back from 20 interested women, but in the end, his hunt ended on his own doorstep.

The Chinese herdsman has married Xia Shujuan, a 29-year-old sales clerk in a clothing store. It is the first marriage for both. Xia is only five feet six inches tall (1.68 meters)!

After a one-month courtship, the couple decided to get married, and will have a full ceremony this summer. “Xia said that as they got to know each other, she stopped noticing how tall Bao was and was moved instead by his thoughtfulness,” state media said. "It's what's on the inside that counts".

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Poetry Contest Winner:

Discovering Each Other

You reach for my hand
Draw our bodies close
Trace a finger down my thigh
Each of my toes curl
I feel you touching me
Enveloping together
Two bodies melt as one
Your lips press into skin
Placing kisses on my brow
A whisper I do hear
Your manhood has risen
Like a knock at my door
I accept you with pleasure
This night, ecstasy we find
In discovering each other

--By Rainstorm/Yahoo/U.S.

*Romance Tip: Share significant things with your partner:

Share all significant and important things with your partner. Make it a point to set something aside for him/her that you have come across online or in the news paper to show your partner. This will make your partner to think that you really miss him/her even amidst your busy schedule.

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Cause if you don't have love, nothing else matters...


~Stella and the girls from

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