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Love Bytes * Changing for Love* Romance tip
April 01, 2013

Love Bytes, Issue #056--  True Love * Changing for Love * Romance Tip

April, 2013
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"It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to it its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it."

   ~Christian Nestell Bovee


Monday Morning Grin... A Sign From God to Call in Sick?

Good morning! If you see this on your way out the door this morning...

funny cloud formation

Just go back in and have another cup of coffee. It's probably not going to be a good day!

Found Bloglet: One Man's Definition of True Love

True love is found when two people can look into each other's hearts and forget all about wealth, position in society and material belongings. True love is also found when two people can look deep into the other's soul and see past the little habits that they may not be partial to.

Love is all about wanting to be with a person constantly, always wishing to feel their warmth inside. Love is looking at someone and feeling all your happiness rush to the forefront of your mind, letting all your woes disappear.

Having found true love, I can tell you that it is all about two souls becoming entwined together and knowing that you would do anything for the person you are with. This includes little things like going to the store if they want a chocolate bar, to the big things like travel 2,500 miles just to see their face....both things I have done.

---"Giving chocolate to others is an intimate form of communication, a sharing of deep, dark secrets"--- Milton Zelman, publisher of "Chocolate News"

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How Much Should You Change Yourself for Love?


You've fallen in love. It looks serious. The rosy glow of "early love" has dimmed somewhat. Time to take stock of the relationship!

A major warning sign to pay heed to right now is a partner who demands change in you. If your honey is demanding a major renovation of your appearance, career or behavior/lifestyle, better think twice about the partnership!

It's common and often healthy for people to make some changes for the sake of love. So where do you draw the line? You should put forth some effort to improve your appearance, drop harmful or unpleasant habits, and compromise for the sake of harmony. But don't effect major unwanted change in your life simply to accomodate your partner's expectations of the "perfect mate". It just won't work in the long run.

Relationship expert Nancy Pina, author of “Goodbye, Mr. Wrong”, said people sometimes make big lifestyle changes when marrying or in a serious relationship because they fear losing their partner if they don't.

“They feel lifestyle accommodation and catering to another person’s every need will ensure a lasting relationship," she said. Problem is, bending over backward for a loved one doesn’t guarantee a happy long-term relationship. It's more likely to foster resentment and anger.

Career Changes

Marianne Matheson, a 35-year-old Los Angeles movie producer, regrets giving up her job making films when she tied the knot 10 years ago.

“My ex-husband was a prolific businessman and wanted me to travel with him as well as cook, clean and care for the kids,” said Matheson. “I wanted so badly to be happy and for it to all work out like that, but I missed my old life. We divorced two years ago and I’m back to where I started.”

“It is not fair nor healthy for the longevity of the relationship for one person to completely give up their career, especially if that is not what that person wants,” said Pina. “Simply because one half earns more money than the other does not mean he/she can dictate the dreams and desires of their partner.”

Different Religions

Couples also often disagree over which partner should convert his or her religious faith for the marriage. Australian Reuben Locke, 27, made a huge change, converting from a Baptist upbringing to the beliefs of Islam.

“You can’t help who you fall in love with,” he said. “The woman of my dreams is Islamic so I really had no choice. I used to get upset and miss the things in my old life, but you learn to move past it.”

"However, religious conversion is an individual choice, and it should never be imposed", said Sloane Veshinski, a Hollywood-based marriage and family therapist.

“For the relationship to remain strong, the person making these changes must do it because they want to and choose to and not because they were coerced,” she advised.

“It is necessary to make minor accommodations for the other person,” said Veshinski. “But relationships should be fair and balanced with each partner having an equal say.” So perhaps the more a person changes to befit their beloved, the more likely it is the romance will fail.

“Too many transformations made for the wrong reasons is quite often the downfall of a relationship,” Pina said. “If fear is driving change, resentment and anger will build internally. When these negative emotions are buried alive inside of us, they poison and distort us.”

If change is carried out in a caring and compromising manner, the bond will actually benefit, experts say. But love will only last if both partners accept one another for who they really are deep down.

“When somebody tries to change who they are for a person or relationship, those changes are not usually long-term and thus they are presenting a false front,” said Veshinski. “But true love is true because the other person loves you despite your little idiosyncrasies and interesting habits. The relationship should be a starting point for both individuals to grow together both spiritually and emotionally", she said.

The bottom line? Minor surface changes to improve your appearance and persona can be a positive and caring endeavor. Major changes to your basic personality or lifestyle can be harmful and dampen the spirit, and ultimately destroy a relationship.

*** We have constructed a great free guide to help you make some minor changes in your life. We advocate any changes you can make that might enhance your appearance and spirit to help you attract or keep love in your life. Visit The Help Desk now and check out our 9-step plan for love.


*Romance Tip: 
Never take your lover for granted. Tell them daily how you feel.



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