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Love Bytes for December: Adventure * Surrender * Nag, Nag, Nag!
December 01, 2010

Love Bytes, Issue #031 -- Adventures * Surrender * Nag, Nag, Nag!

December 01, 2010
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"There will be a moment when you're eyes meet and everything in the world is simple again."
Michael Edwards

Some Adventurous Dates For Bored Lovers


Build a tree house (then make it your own secret romantic hideaway!)

Attend an auction together. Look in the paper for upcoming events.

Go to a travel agency and explain that you are comparison shopping a trip you are planning to take. Ask for an itinerary of sights to see. Get estimates for airfare, lodging, food, and transportation. Why not go?

Get up early one morning and head for the mountains, a lake, the shore, or even the sand dunes. Take along all the ingredients for a delicious breakfast to be cooked over a campfire and pack a picnic lunch. Check our Picnic Page for ideas.

Gather 26 objects starting with letters A-Z on a road rally. No more than 2 items per location. Throw in a mandatory stop at a tasty restaurant for lunch.

Clean out an attic, basement or garage that no one has touched for a long time. Grandparents' houses are perfect places for this. Delight in the treasures you find.

Go and shoot your own turkey. When you come back, clean it and dress it for dinner.

Catch your own worms and use them early one morning to catch fish at your favorite lake or stream.

When the rain is coming down in bucketfuls, put on some old clothes and shoes and go hunting for puddles in gutters, parking lots, grassy areas in parks, etc. Have splash wars or jump from puddle to puddle. You could even stand on a sidewalk next to a big puddle that cars have to drive through. Pretend that the sudden wall of water was a surprise! If you are in the park, make sure you use the wet slide, which probably will have a big puddle at the bottom. Make a muddy mess of yourselves, then go home and take a hot shower together!

Take an airplane or helicopter ride around the city. Take a camera to take pictures of you and make the memories twice as great! Check the yellow pages under airplanes rental or rides.

Go on a hot-air balloon ride. Hot-air balloon facilities and operators can be found all over the country. Depending on the time of day you go, be sure to take a picnic, light breakfast or dinner (you may want to have enough for the operator too). Don't forget to take some pictures of the breathtaking views.

***For some more romantic date ideas, visit Fun Romantic Ideas.


Poetry Contest Winner: SURRENDER



Anytime I think of you
I recall the way you looked
The first time it happened.

You stared at me with
Those hopeless eyes.


Your breath all over my body...

I have never touched, smelled, nor felt anybody
The way I have felt, touched, and smelled - you.

Sweet surrender.

It is hard not to remember.
Yet, deep within my soul
There is something that kills,
Slaughters my heart,
Keeps telling me,

It tells me something,
Something that I ought to do.
Ending this makes it
Heart breaking for me,
But at the same time,
I know that you could never
Ever leave her,
It would not be fair.
I guess you love her so.

I will hold back.
I will disprove the hope
That we were meant to be together.
There will be no one
To replace your body
Your heart...
So excited, so audacious, so intense.
Let me depart with a soul-torn smile
Yet with a swell heart that knows
She will make you happy.

---Jenny (Yahoo)


*Romance Tip: Nag, nag, nag!

You may not even realize you're doing it... it's such a natural thing to do, especially if you're a parent, too. Do NOT scold or nag your mate. He is not a child, so don't treat him like one. Do you really want to be his mother?  Nagging is a sure way to douse the flames of passion.

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Cause if you don't have love, nothing else matters...


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