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Love Bytes * Wardrobe renovation * True Love * Special tips
June 01, 2012

Love Bytes, Issue #048-- Wardrobe Renovation * True Love * Romance Tip

June, 2012
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"We are each of us angels with only one wing. And we can only fly while embracing each other."

        ~ Lucian de Croszonza  

Time for a Wardrobe Renovation?


Hey girl, what's your closet look like these days? Scary in there?

Time to revamp! This project is going to take some effort and a little $$...
But we have a great plan of action to help you renovate that wardrobe...

This is your action plan for a new, classy, fashionable, seductive YOU:
1. Find a PFA
2. Clean out that closet
3. Plan your new wardrobe
4. Let's go shopping!

Coco Chanel once said "Dress poorly and people will notice your clothes; dress well, and people will notice you." And so it is...clothes make the man (and woman), you know...

Get started today at: Great Wardrobe

      Just Plain True Love…


We came across a collection of Valentine’s Day messages several weeks back, and this one by David Woon really caught our eye:

Of his wife, Lynn Taye, he says: “She is not divinely beautiful; she’s not exceptionally intelligent; she’s not heroically noble; she’s not angelically nice; and she’s definitely not the most fun person one would like to be with, but she’s completely, eternally mine - my forever Valentine. Because on Feb 10, 2001, I made the commitment to love and honour her for the rest of my life. It’s as simple as that; nothing fanciful, nothing earth-shattering, just plain True Love.”

So often today, people looking for love put so many restrictions on the whole damn thing. When filling out their online dating questionnaire, they specify that their sweetie-to-be must fulfill certain criteria. He must be tall, she must be pretty, he must be between 25 and 35, she must be college educated. Like you're ordering up a pizza or something.

But David, a self described researcher, philosopher and theologian, tells a different tale. He doesn't expect his true love to be “all that”. He readily accepts that she is not that pretty, not that smart, not that noble, and sometimes she’s even not that nice.

They really do have true love, these two lucky souls. When the looks mellow, the passion cools, the novelty wears off, and tempers occasionally flare; when life sets into a routine and you are stripped of all pretenses, you still find the courage to stick together… because you have made that commitment to love and cherish him or her for the rest of your life. How wonderful to be able to count on your best friend for that, no matter what.

True love is worth searching for, waiting for, fighting for. It's the pulpy heart of life!

*Romance Tip:
Take a hot bath together and wash your love's hair for them.  Gently dry them off with a towel when you are finished. Big points for this one.

* Recent Breakup? Find out how to get your lover back!

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Cause if you don't have love, nothing else matters...


~Stella and the girls from


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