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Love Bytes * Grins* About Sex * Romance tip
June 03, 2013

Love Bytes, Issue #058-- The "F" Word * Waiting for Sex * Romance Tip

June, 2013
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"Don't settle for the one you can live with, wait for the one you can't live without."

 The "F" Word

Even though it is used nowadays about as often as "please" and "thank you", I think casual use of the "F" word is vulgar and tasteless.

BUT, sometimes, no other word is appropriate:

      funny picture of kids covered in paint

Yes, that's paint!

      man parachuting into lake surrounded by alligators

Gives new meaning to the phrase "Up to my ass in alligators"

      two people buried in sand up to their necks and large wave about to hit them

Nice day for the beach...

June Poetry Contest Winner... "Fading Away"


I remember the days when we were as one
I was the earth and you were the sun
You kept me warm then with the love we shared
And I truly felt then that you really cared.

But with the passing of time your love grew cold
Constantly, my love, you were always told
Of my love for you and how much you meant
To a man like me you seemed heaven sent.

But no matter how tight I tried to hold on
Your warmth grew less with every dawn.
And little by little with each passing day
I started to realize you're fading away.

I need you with me and in my heart
So stop fading away, its tearing me apart!
Because I don't know if I can stand one more day
Knowing inside that you're fading away.

-- By Raymond/GlobalNet


There's no denying that sex complicates a relationship. No matter how smart, modern and sophisticated you may be... sex is mysterious and complicated. It opens up little pockets of weirdness in the brain... old hurts and resentments...  now doesn't it?

Sex bares not only your body, but your soul  to another human being, leaving you utterly helpless and vulnerable. THAT'S why we advocate saving sex for when you truly know and can trust your partner with this most tender part of you.

When you're with the right man, sexual love is private, secret and special. It is a sacred and healing energy shared by the two of you; and it helps to forge a solid and passionate friendship.

Early in a relationship? Why not put intimacy off and see if he sticks around?

"Women need a reason to have sex.
                       Men just need a place"---Billy Crystal  

This article is directly from our website. Click here for more good advice on becoming a  Sensuous Woman.

*Romance Tip: 
  Lighten up--keep a sense of humor about the dating process, and laugh at yourself.  Have fun and you'll be fun. And irresistible!                                         


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'Cause if you don't have love, nothing else matters...


~Stella and the girls from

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