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Love Bytes, Issue #018 -- A Happy Massage
November 01, 2009

Love Bytes, Issue #018 -- A Great Massage * To Dress or Not * Surfin' For A Sweetie?

November 01, 2009
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"A good hot oil massage is one of life's greatest pleasures"
        ~Stella, 2005

How Bout a Great Massage?


When's the last time you massaged your mate? Shame on you! There are few things more sensual and caring you can do for your lover than give him or her a hot oil massage. It's truly one of life's greatest pleasures. What? Don't know how? It's very easy, so that's no excuse! We have put together an all-inclusive section chock-full of resources to get you started...

Enter  The Massage Parlor  to access books, tapes, supply advice, suggestions for music, and even oils and kits for more adventurous couples. Get started today. Your mate won't believe his good fortune!

To Dress... or not?                       

Are you constantly moaning and groaning about how there's no available men out there? Well, how do you dress when you go to Wal Mart? You are just as likely to meet your soul mate in line at the supermarket as at an upscale club on a Saturday night. More, likely, actually! So anytime you go out in public, dress attractively! And the best dude magnet of all? Why, a dress, of course...

Put on a dress sometimes! Men LOVE them. Nothing like a dress to say... "Girl here". Try this little experiment:

First, put on some jeans, t-shirt and sandals. Go grocery shopping. Walk up and down the aisles; pretend you are looking for something. Any of the grocery guys come up to help you out? No!

Go home, wait a couple hours, get dressed up: a nice dress, hose and heels, makeup, nice sunglasses. Dress to kill! Then, go repeat your grocery store performance. And notice how the stock boys come out of the woodwork to help you find your missing item!



Surfin' for a Sweetie? Avoid These Phrases in Your Ad...


So, you've decided to give online dating a whirl! Statistics show that cyberdating can be an effective way to meet a potential love match. Your online ad is your first impression to snag that soul mate, so give it some thought.

Ladies! Think you know what men like to hear in your ad (NOT!). You might be surprised to learn that surveys have proven that the following phrases are a definite turn-off for men....

Walks on the beach
Candlelit dinners
"Friends first"
Hate sports
Love cats
Mother, or worse, Mom
Meaningful relationship

BUT, by the same token, guys, these are great phrases to use if you want to attract women with your ad... now see how that works?

We have a cool guide to help you put together a great personal ad that will get the clicks at Great Personal Ad.


Hey, been stressed out lately? You might sign up for this excellent (and free) 7-part e-course to saner living. Although it is offered by a grief website, every bit of the advice offered will work for you, too. Check it out:  Stressed Out?

We hope you have enjoyed this issue of Love Bytes Ezine. Each month, we will bring you another inspiring photo, quote or poem, plus fresh new articles on love, intimacy, dating and relationships.


Cause if you don't have love, nothing else matters...


~Stella and the girls from

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