A 6 Year Relationship

by Cedes

I have been in a relationship for 6 years now and we are considering marriage soon. It's been fine most of the time but i make mistakes from time to time. Stuff like, not listening to him, not doing things correctly, the way i do things, and little little things. I have met his parents and it seems they don't think much of me (i.e They feel I'm not good enough for him.

Although i appreciate my partner sticking up for me and saying i am worth it, the way he picks on the little stuff really irritates me, and even though i said i would change and i understand that this is for myself.

These little things get to him a lot, and i just don't want to commit and say it will never happen again because i'm human, and i make mistakes. I want to be with him, but i don't know how i can make him feel assured that i will become a better woman.. Stella or anyone else, please let me know what would u do in a situation like this?


Answer from Stella:

Okay, here goes... you asked what I would do, not what you should do...

I would never stay with a man who picked at me like you are describing. Change myself into a "better woman" to suit his requirements? Never!

You must be yourself, my dear. If he is bullying you now, and you are resenting it (and that is why you wrote in) then you need to know that it will only be worse once you are his wife!

The decision is yours, of course. But I would think long and hard about marrying a man who did not find me acceptable the way I was.

Good luck, dear.
Hope this helps!

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