A love Problem !!

by Sarix
(Bouznika, Morocco)

I'm lost and so confused .. I was in love with someone for 7 months, then he left me .. And after one week we came back to each other because he realized that he can't stay without me (As he said) .. Even he hurted me a lot and causes me a million of tears I forgave him and tried to forget about everything ..

But, I think that coming back to him was such mistake, because he didn't change a bit, he still don't understand me .. He loves me but I'm not the first thing in his life and that bother me, because I don't want that kind of love .. I feel in the middle. I can't continue with him, but even so I don't wanna leave him because I love him a lot and I feel like life hasn't a meaning without him ..

I just want him to stop hurting my feelings, I'm really tired of crying every time because of him .. What can I do? And thanks


Answer from Stella:

Dear Sarix,

Please reread your submission. I do believe you have answered your own question. What kind of a relationship would it be where you are tired of crying all the time?

Sounds to me like you need to get away from this guy. Tell him you need some space and take it. Maybe with some time alone, you can sort out your true feelings.

PS: your life will have meaning without him, trust me on that one.

Hope this helps!

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