A or B?

by Haiya Ali
(Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)

I have a very serious problem. Few months ago, i was in a relation with my cousin named A, we really loved eachother and we also had wedding plans but one day i don't know what happened to him he humiliated me and i was hurt and i left him. Next day, my 7th grade boyfriend B sent me a request on facebook and he said he wanted to be my boyfriend, i don't know why i was so desperate, i did what i had not to, i said okay and yes for being his girlfriend, days passed and i was a freak i gave him my number even though i hadn't to and we started to talk alot he was a real boring on texts but really romantic on phone calls. Days passed and the most stupid thing i played part in was the wedding plan with him. And then one day A said sorry to me and he explained everything that he said everything just because he was angry about his family and studies and in hurting me there were no serious intentions and now he keeps saying that he loves me and he'll never hurt me again. I don't know who i owe as a partner?! Who should i choose A or B

You should choose the one you are in love with and the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Good Luck! Stella

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