A Simple Problem

by Kristina

My problem is real simple. There is a guy that I am so attracted to and at times he shows that he is very interested in me. We used to work together, but I now no longer work for the same company.

We have kept in contact outside of work almost every day via yahoo messenger and webcams, but never seem to be able to get together outside of that. Again, he is always showing signs that he is really interested in me, but I can't seem to get our "relationship" to the next level. This has been going on for a couple of months now.

So, my problem is....is he really interested? I know that he is very busy with work, remodeling a new home he just bought, and I also think he is a bit "scared" of getting hurt again after he had such a bad experience with his ex-wife.

So, what to do?????? Thanks for any advice or insight you can give me!

Answer from Stella:

Kristina, the answer is real simple, too. ASK HIM OUT. What are you waiting for? Either he'll say yes (he is interested) or no (not interested). Problem solved!

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