A true tale of love, tragedy and broken hearts

by Josh Shanahan
(Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia)

A story of loss, of love, of tragedy.

I had thought that I had fallen in love with not just any ordinary girl, but a special girl. The only girl that knew me. We were in the school play together and immediately became the best of friends. I had never felt this feeling before for someone, so I was confused; one day she had told me that she liked me.

I was confused so I said that I would think about it. Over the weekend I realised that I had liked her as well, but she was a couple of years younger than me and I thought that the school would look down on us. I told her it would be best if we remained friends.

Over the next two months we couldn't be separated, we texted each other and rang each other up and didn't stop talking at times until 2:00 in the morning. Everybody else was asleep. I had thought that I had truly found someone.

I went to work experience in Melbourne. We continued our texting. She told me again that she liked me. I panicked and so asked out another girl from school, somebody from my group. The next day I found out she was leaving to go to Adelaide in South Australia. I also found out that she was having a goodbye birthday party, because of what had happened, I wasn't invited. I was sad and crushed.

Over a little bit of time we had grown close again. It was time for her to leave. I physically hurt and ached for her. We were able to text each other and stay in contact with each other for about 5 months, then she started to ignore my messages. Only replying once every 5 texts. I needed her, but I had let her go and now she was letting me go.

If only, if only I could wind back the clock or go back in time. Then maybe, just maybe, I would be with her right now. If only. Even now I am crushed, I am aching for her, I am loving her. I am somebody who never thought I could even get a girlfriend, but especially not fall in love. But I did. And I am also heart broken.

If I could I would move to Adelaide but I know my parents would stop me, I also know that she hasn't got feelings for me anymore. Is love like this all the time? Is it there for you when you don't need it and then it leaves you when you realise what it means?

This is my story, a story of a 17 year old student. Nobody thinks that people at that age "fall in love", but I did.

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