A very complicated situation

My boyfriend and I were together for almost two years now and I can say that it is working very well, we argue but solve all problems immediately.

Until last July 2010, I met someone during one of our trainings we conducted. At first, we were just friends. We oftentimes talk to each other online. But things changed when we first went out (together with his officemates) since then, I can say that we have something mutual and that this relationship is something forbidden in a way.
We see each other every day, we go home together since we were of the same city. We go out, watch movies.

The guy, is also in a relationship, and what complicates things is that they have a baby. They are living together together with the guy's family.

We want to hold on in what we have now until there will come a time that we'll be left with no choice but to give up.

Please I badly need some feedback and comments.


Answer from Stella:

Sorry, but I cannot condone what you are doing. It's called cheating, on your part and his. Your chances of finding happiness through deceit is very slim. A man who cheats is a man who cheats.

My advice is to break it off and see if your relationship with your boyfriend is worth salvaging. Your "friend" is in a serious and complicated relationship himself, and you need to leave it alone.

I presume this is not what you wanted to hear, but I hope this helps!

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