A very Special Love

by Kathryne Jane
(Hong Kong)

The Miracle Man

The Miracle Man

My name is Kathryne Jane, people calls me "Kring" for short, I'm a Filipina born in Hong Kong. I'm now working as a tutor in an English Centre. And now I would like to share my love life with you all. I hope you guys would enjoy reading it.

I once had a true love called Wahid, he's a pakistani. I called it my first love. We shared everything in life for 3 years. We committed to each other and loved each other for who we are, we both thought of getting married because of his parents choice.

I suffered just to be with him and his family members, and yes his religion is hard to be. He's a muslim and I'm a catholic. I sometimes pretended to be muslim just to gain his respect, I stopped eating pork and wearing my own clothes. All this time, I focus on him without even thinking that I was in pain. I didn't care I was being treated in this way, all I thought about is him, because I loved him with all my heart.

In the end, he was not that someone I would live with, or even stay loving. It ended with brutal arguments and torture. He would hit me, and even tried to kill me, just because of me wanting to leave him and stop the relationship. I tried to be strong, to let him know that I could fight back, but one tragic night I was tortured!

I don't know how long was it, maybe like 2 hours. I was punched, kicked, he pulled my hair while I was on the floor soo weak. No one was there to help, he locked all the doors and windows, so that no one would hear my cries and shouts. It was my worst night with him. I once loved him and now it ended with hate, because he cheated on me too.

Then I was alone, trying to forget him while he still wanted me back. But someone took me away from him, my brother's bestfriend. He is someone who I treated as a brother too, but it turned out we would end up in a very strong relationship. It all happened at a small party that I gave for my brother's goodpals.

At that time, I didn't know I would find someone so gentle and who respects a girl. We ended up talking all night at the party and steal a kiss. The next day, nothing seems to happen again, I am thinking that he just might using me as a party girl. But soon, he called me and asked me out. I took this chance because my ex-boyfriend was trying to get me back.

This guy that I'm falling for, Billy. The love I felt for him is like magic. Have you ever felt something after just a small kiss? Like you're dreaming into a deep fantasy? This is how I felt when he first touch my lips with his. And after all these years I found that someone SPECIAL. And now, we're still moving and having a child of our own.

I do believe in miracles. And this is why I call him my Miracle Man. A very special someone.

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