advice about my problem

by srujana

i am struggling with a problem. i have loved a guy some 5 years back he have proposed me and after some months i have agreed soon after agreeing he have told that he is not interested in me but i couldn't stop talking to him so he used to talk to me daily after three years we had a fight and didn't talk for one year after that he only came to me and again started talking but i said i don't have any love but he have changed a lot he is saying he have so much love on me but i don't have a opinion of marrying him i have told this to him he said ok but be with me like this only. now my parents have saw a match and that guy started talking to me we both are talking to know each other. now i am feeling like i am doing wrong by talking to both in this way its like i am cheating i couldn't sleep at nights struggling a lot. but if i stop talking to the guy i have loved i am not able to stay without talking to him and also i am not able to understand my feelings on him but one thing is clear i can't marry him bcz i dont like him in some matters so , i don't want to marry him but also couldn't stay without talking to him and same there what should i do now please help me

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