Aged 15, going on 16 and never been in love

by Tash

Dear Stella,

I've just left secondary school and im moving onto college. But there's a problem. I've never been in love. I haven't even had a crush. All my other friends are in long term relationships now and I'm still on square one. What should I do? Is there something wrong with me?


From Stella:

Heaven's sake, girl, nothing is wrong with you! You are so very young and have decades of living ahead of you. Don't push it and don't worry about it. Love will visit you in it's own sweet time.

Those girlfriends of yours who are already in long-term "serious" relationships... those are the ones who will end up with two or three kids before they turn 21. They will miss the freedom to grow up first and have fun before buckling down to the hard work of relationships and family life.

No, Tash, you are on the right track. Study hard, do your best in college, but have fun and enjoy your childhood while it lasts.


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by: Anonymous

young lady, when you feel the time is right, you will know. Get your career on track and establish yourself in the world before making any serious decisions on falling in love. Keep all options open.

Oh to only be 15 again!!
by: Anonymous

I question how many are actually in love or just think they are? You have your whole life to live; enjoy every moment you are in, this time is for you. Later you will have to share yourself with a mate, maybe kids will never get these precious years back, don't rush... enjoy, live!

Aged 21, going on 22 and never been in love
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same situation as you, however im a few years older than you. Alot of my friends are also in a relationship.

However, I guess when the timing is right god will let you meet someone! so don't worry you are still young!

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