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The Fine Art of Gift Receiving

     christmas present

Remember when you were a small child, how exciting it was for you to receive gifts? Christmas and birthdays were a special time; the anticipation was delicious, wasn't it? But how often were you really satisfied and delighted with what you received?

I'm sure if you think back, you will remember that you were much more often disappointed than not in your holiday acquisitions! As I recall, I was usually pretty unhappy opening gaily wrapped gifts only to find... clothes... or books... yuck!

My worst Christmas ever occurred when I was about 7 years old. In my family, gifts accumulated under the Christmas tree for days before the big event. Talk about unbearable anticipation for the kids! We rattled and shook and guessed and dreamed about what was in those shiny packages. This particular year, I had by far the biggest box under the tree. It was huge, and light, and quiet. I could not figure out what it was, but by God, I had the biggest one!!! I could hardly wait until Christmas came to open it.

The big day finally arrived, I was beside myself over this gift. I tore into it with gusto, only to find... are you ready for this? A pillow!!! Now, can you imagine the anger and disappointment? I was mad at Mom for some time over that one (but I never told her). What could she have been thinking? A pillow for a seven year old girl?

I think that because holiday gifting was such an emotional high- (and low) point in our lives as children, we tend to bring along some emotional baggage with us into our adult gift-receiving psyches. We tell ourselves we have grown up and matured, that it doesn't matter to us anymore ("it's the thought that counts"). And yet, deep down inside, when our significant other hands us a gift, we unconciously react a little bit with our "inner child".

Could it be? Did he listen to my hints? Did he give it some thought and actually come up with a great, appropriate, interesting, exciting gift for me, (that fits)? Usually not! Honestly, most men just don't spend a whole lot of time trying to decipher the puzzle that is woman and come up with the perfect gift. It's just not on the male program, no matter how much you think it should be.

Once you understand this fundamental difference between men and woman, perhaps you can let go of some of that baggage from childhood. Let it go! Resign yourself to the fact that he might never get it right, and just love the big lug anyway! Realize that it's not a personal affront to you. He's not trying to disappoint you.

That being said, if you still find that it just remains important to you, this gift-receiving thing, then try to (Gently) train your guy in the fine art of gifting. Or tell him he will never go wrong with one or a combo of these three items:

  • Roses at work
  • Fancy chocolates
  • Gift certificate to a jewelry store

Or better yet, point him to our list of "cherry-picked" gift ideas here: Gifts For Lovers

dozen red roses Happy Birthday. girl!


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