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Signs of a Cheating Mate
A Must Read... The Incredible, Edible... Banana!
A Cure For Jealousy!
HalloDogs, Part II
It's The HalloDogs, Part I
Dear Stella: Should I Do It?
Dear Stella: Christmas is a Mess!
Dear Stella: He's Got a Cellphone Sweetie
Dear Stella, Have I Met the Perfect Woman?
Dear Stella: I want to run, but....
About Marriage...
How Romantic! The New 8 Wonders of the World...
Dear Stella, I'm Pregnant and Alone
The Fine Art of Gift Receiving
Never Marry on the Rebound... The Tragic McCartney Love Story
Alright, You Dog Lovers... It's Your Turn
Cat Lovers vs Dog Lovers: Enjoy
Dear Stella, I Want My Family Back
Think You're Smart? Try This Fun Test
How Much Should You Change Yourself for Love?
Last Day of Julian Beever Fantastic Sidewalk Art!
Julian Beever Sidewalk Art- Day 3
More fantabulous sidewalk art from Julian Beever
You Gotta See These! Ever Hear of Julian Beever?
Funny Predictions for the future, From the Past...
Fascinating Facts from 1906
CHILL With These Stunning Shots from the North Pole...
Dear Stella, What About the Turtle?
Monday Morning... Irish Flooding
The Science of Love...
Dear Stella: I'm Getting Married in August, BUT...
Monday Morning Grin... They Found Her !!!
I love her!
The Renaissance Bride
Monday Morning Grin... If Only Dads Were Left
Monday Morning Grin: Condom Sponsors?
Tragic Easter Bunny Carnage
Dear Stella: The Other Woman is Pregnant!
Ordinary Couple Gives Extraordinary Advice
Time to Start Dating Again?
Love Through the Eyes of Children
Love is Blind?
Movie Review... Black Snake Moan
Dear Stella: Can a marriage be sustained without healthy intimacy?
Monday Morning Grin... Coming soon to Wal Mart!
SEX IN CYBERSPACE..... (When Scott met Sarah)
Monday Morning Grin... You Can't Fix Stupid!
5 Simple Secrets for Enhancing True Love
Computing By Remote Control! ( Go To My PC )
Monday Morning Smile... It Ain't Swearin'
The Morning After...After the 'I do' comes the true love
Dear Stella: But I Tried so Hard!
More Hubble Pictures...
Ever Feel Like a Speck of Dust? (Hubble pictures put things in focus)
Food For Lovers! The Ultimate Soul Food Cookbook for Lovers…
You Guys Need a Break? How 'Bout a Romantic Bed and Breakfast Getaway?
How To (Gently) Cure Your Gift-Phobic Guy
And what do you wear to bed? Sexy lingerie shapewear?
The Game of Love: Visit the Slightly Naughty Playroom!
Dear Stella: "She needs a little space?"
Do Canadians have a sense of humor?
New years resolution? How 'bout the best diet weight control?
HO, HO, HO...
A Great Website… For Official Travel Advice!
Dear John: Take the trip!
Build an Ecommerce Website!
Free Love Advice: Dear Stella: How Do I Know If He Really Loves Me?
Need a date for the holidays? Here's some great ideas!
Nothing to do? Here's 159 Date Ideas!
8 Fun (and Free!) Dates
Love Them Margaritas? Don't let THIS happen to you...
Grandma was RIGHT! Learning to Forgive with Feng Shui...
11 Hot Tips For Lasting Longer in Bed...
Oh, my...

Lookin' for love? Go online! But don't fall into this trap...
Tired old computer? What to do with it...
CAYE CAULKER, BELIZE--- Unassuming, relaxing, genuine…
You Might Be a Redneck if...
Stressed out? Try this amazing technique!
You Might be a Redneck if...
Be True to Yourself to Find True Love!
You Might Be A Redneck If...
GUYS! 7 Things you should never mention on that first date...
WARNING! Girls, don't let this happen to you on that first date...
Best Date Movies-- Two Moon Junction
Free Love Advice: "I'm in love with a restaurant Nazi!"
Dating Tips: Weasels on the Web?
Our buddy Chester got fired the other day
The Hangover