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Be True to Yourself to Find True Love!


For years Sasha battled with anxiety and depression. "I've taken every antidepressant on the market," she says, recalling how she hid her mental-health battles from the men she was dating. Somehow she knew that this was not a real existence--lying to cover up her bouts; putting her medication in a vitamin bottle so her date wouldn't know what it was.

She finally sought help from support groups and friends. Slowly and methodically, she came to accept herself and to accept her illness, and she finally felt strong enough to share the truth about her situation. "Over time I got to the point where I could say, 'Here's the truth about me,'" she says, recalling the painful conversation she had with her fiance when she revealed her private battle.

Beginning and maintaining a relationship that is genuine, rich and deeply intimate, and allows for the full range of your personality--even the parts that aren't so cute--takes courage. But the results are worth it.

"When you're truly ready for healthy love, it will be there for you," says Grace Cornish-Livingstone, Ph.D., a relationship consultant and author of The Band-Aid Bond: How to Uncover the Hidden Causes and Break the Pattern of Unhealthy Loving (McDonald-Livingstone). And what if a man you've been seeing doesn't like all of you or gets angry and leaves the relationship? The answer: He may not be the one for you. "We're too afraid of someone not liking us and then leaving us," Cornish-Livingstone says. "If they don't want to be with you, let them leave."

For some excellent advice on accepting and loving yourself first, visit Full Circle.


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