Been in love with Ex's sister for 16 years

Dear Stella, I fell in love with my ex-partners younger sister since 16 years ago. Once at a restaurant we locked eyes over the table & I'll never forget it. We never spoke about it, I had kids, she married & had kids. I still dream about her regularly. The other night she & her husband came to visit her sister (my ex) & I was there. After an hour & after dinner we locked eyes again twice, it was very intense, her husband was right there, I felt like he knew what was going on but can't be sure. I had to steal away to another room for a spell as it was too much. Then they left. The next day I felt melancholic & feelings of longing & confusion & feelings I had forgotten returned. To tell you the truth we don't know each other, we could never be together & I am not good enough for her in anyway but regardless there seems to be something happening. The point is I would really like to ask her how she feels & know once & for all if it is just in my head. I am thinking of emailing her but I am so confused about the risk of interfering with her marriage. What is your advice Stella?

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by: Stella

Well I do not think you should contact her.You should put her out of your mind for the sake of her family. Stella

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