Beginner Dating Advice!

I'm a teenager and I've never been in a relationship. I have changed schools many many times and my social skills are kind of down the drain. I'm super smart and I would say pretty as well as athletic. So I feel like I have a lot to offer! There is a boy in my older sister's class who I am really attracted to, but I don't know how to get his attention! He lives in my area, and we have some classes together since I am ahead in school. But I feel like he doesn't know I exist! He isn't a social butterfly either because he is also new at the school because this school can help him with some problems he has in math. I feel like I can relate to him. I feel like we have some sort of connection! Maybe I'm imagining it, but I want to at least see if he'd be interested, but he doesn't even know who I am! I really want his attention, I want to talk to him, maybe help him in math sometime, anything to get closer to him!! Please give me some pointers and how I can get his attention. But still don't forget that I'm a newbie at this!!--------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Beginner, You have time on your side just wait and see what happens he may feel like you.But he may not so just take it slow. Stella

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