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  • Skin care basics- to keep you young-looking
  • Inexpensive  products for your daily regimen
  • The "art" of make up
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  • Cleanliness and grooming ideas
  • Teeth or breath problems? There's help for you...

Beauty makeup tips...

Every woman
should pay attention to her face... that's what people  look at! Your skin deserves a little extra care now... before it's too  late. Smoking and alcohol wreak havoc on the skin... honestly (another  reason to quit).

The sun also causes premature aging and wrinkles... as well as skin  cancer. You know the drill... use a sunscreen daily... the higher the SPF,  the better... a minimum of 15 is best.                      
                            blazing sun giving woman sunburn
                                      woman applying sunscreen at beach

There are some wonderful new products out now that help the base  cells of your skin remain smooth, elastic and clear. Although these  "nourishers" can be expensive, a tiny dab goes a long way. Get some,  and use moisturizer, too.

              BEAUTY MAKEUP TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Beauty makeup tips...
All of the following  products can be found at the drugstore or  your favorite cosmetics counter.    Follow this 4-step process each morning and at  bedtime:

cartoon of lotions and love potions  1. CLEANSE- Use special facial cleansers,
    not soap. Always start with squeaky-
    clean skin. (Try water-based ones by
    Dove, Cetaphil, Olay, Neutrogena, or
 2. TONE- Soften with a toner or
     astringent. (We like Dickinson's Witch
     Hazel, SeaBreeze, Biore, or L'Oreal)
 3. NOURISH- With "nourisher" cell-
     renewal products like: (Pond's Time
     Rewind, Nutrissime by L'Oreal, Total
     Effects by Olay, or Visage by Nivea)
 4. MOISTURIZE- These are some with
     sunscreen built in: (Coppertone Faces,
     Block Up! with aloe vera, Neutrogena
     Oil-Free Moisture)


              BEAUTY MAKE UP TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                THE ART OF MAKEUP 

Beauty makeup tips...

Now, a word about makeup... why?

Because. It enhances you, makes you more attractive. Okay, so  you're an old hippie at heart. No makeup for you!

        hippie girl with headband no makeup for her  

Well, that's just fine, really, but just know  that you are overlooking a very simple and easy way to gain  an  advantage in the dating game. Scientific studies have proven  that  men notice, talk to, and are more stimulated by women with  wide  eyes and rosy lips (read: eye makeup and lipstick).

And you don't  have to overdo it, either. Just a touch of accent to  the eyes and  reddened lips do the trick. You needn't look like a painted floozy to have makeup work it's  magic for you...

floozy with heavy garish makeup on

Beauty makeup tips...

The right cosmetics, properly applied, will make you look great without being obvious. The wrong colors applied inexpertly can make  you look garish and unnatural. So get some help!

Where? Glad you asked that...


Beauty makeup tips...

Go to the cosmetics counter of any upscale department store. Ask  for the resident cosmetics expert. Ask her for advice on products and hands-on instruction in application. Pick her mind for beauty makeup tips. She may nudge you toward  "their" products, but you are not obligated to buy them, and the  lessons she can give you are  invaluable. It's that easy!

ONLINE HELP  A "how-to manual" for
        your face! This website is chock-full of honest free tips,
        great home remedies and recipes. Covered are basic skin
        disorders and care, beauty tips, and makeup pointers. -- We just love this web-
        site. Although there is a fee to use all the benefits,
        you can try the demo for free. As a member, you
        can upload your own photo. Then experiment with
        cosmetics, eyewear, hats. Even try on your favorite
        celebrity's hairstyle for size! The cosmetics you try
        on in your virtual makeover are real, with brand and
        shade revealed. Membership is $14.95 for 4 months.

            BEAUTY MAKEUP TIPS  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Beauty makeup tips...


Surely you already know this... we're just reinforcing it... good hygiene is  absolutely essential  if you want that second date. (Or the first, for  that matter). Bathe daily-- wash your hair til it squeaks--keep  up with  your shaving-- and use deodorant.

And about perfume... wear it! To find the right scent, experiment. You'll know you've hit on "the one" when people start telling you that you smell great... "And what's the name of that perfume?"



Clean and well-polished nails add an elegant touch to your "new look".  Here's how: schedule a session with a professional manicurist. The cost is minimal. If you can afford it, go weekly and have her "fix you  up"... decadent and luxurious! Pedicure, too...

                                                    cartoon of woman getting manicure

Can't afford it? Then go once. Watch closely what she does to your  nails, and which products she uses... then do the same at home... it's  really not hard. And keep up with it... chipped polish looks awful.  


Want a kissable mouth?       cartoon of couple kissing with large red love heart
Then pay some attention to your teeth. Are they chipped,
dingy,  stained, or missing?    

                        cute girl hiding her mouth because she has bad teeth   Bad teeth = No love

Get your teeth fixed!  There are
so many new techniques now to help  you get your teeth looking super! If you can't find a cosmetic dentist  in the  phone book,  click on the link below. This great website describes the  new  procedures available, complete with before-and- after pictures to get you moving... then lists cosmetic dentists in your area.       


And if you suffer from the dreaded...

              colorful sun with horrible breath coming out HALITOSIS...

You've just gotta get rid of that! There's plenty of help available. Discuss it with your dentist. Recent  research has provided us with a whole arsenal of weapons to fight bad breath.

One such system has proven really effective for some of us. You can buy this product from your dentist, but it's cheaper to order online. It's also starting to pop up in major drugstore chains, like CVS, Eckerd and Walgreens.  Look for it:

                                              photo of breathrx kit to fight halitosis

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