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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Music, Movies & Books : Movie Review... Black Snake Moan

Movie Review... Black Snake Moan

     black snake moan movie poster

Now, hold on just a minute... the movie poster above looks awful, doesn't it? Trashy white girl dominated by huge black man... with chains, no doubt!

Hear us out. If you're looking for a theater movie to watch this weekend, this might just be an interesting bit of entertainment to fit the bill. On the face of it, the plot reeks of cheap, tawdry, gritty, steamy, trashy sensationalism. Well, okay, it probably is just that. But...

Well, here's the plot...

A has-been blues musician takes on the rehabilitation of a hopeless nymphomaniac (made into one by a lifetime of sexual abuse). Man! Your guy will love this movie for it's steamy sexuality. But will you enjoy it? I dunno, you may be insulted by the mere premise that it's okay to further abuse this poor child by chaining her to a radiator (for chrissakes).

This is NOT Academy Award material. But, you may like it as a truly touching tale of two misfits who reach out to each other. As critic Frank Wilkins puts it, Black Snake Moan "may be the closest you'll ever come to seeing what the Blues actually looks like". Is it good? No. Is it watchable? Highly!

Black Snake Moan, with Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, and Justin Timberlake (yep!)

Not in the mood to stick to the floor of a stale theater? Rent a classic and make a party at home with your Honey instead. Choose from one of these great titles...


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