Broken Engagments

by a person

Me and my girl have always been perfect for each other, but after about 3 months we started doing sexual stuff and stuff went downhill, i asked her before all that started if she could see us together (married) in the future and we both said that we had been thinking about it starting around the same time, and we got basically engaged after that. Recently, she's seemed tense more and she broke off the engagement because of several reasons (dad doesn't like me (doesn't think i can provide/rude)) and she says she's felt pressured by the engagement and things and i understand that, and we want to work it out, but how do we go from engagement back to Dating???

Worried and In Love ____________________________________________

Answer from Stella:

Dear Person:

There is no way to turn back the clock and return to the carefree days of dating, once you have gotten serious and intimate.

My advice to you is to give her plenty of space, stay pleasant, DO NOT PRESSURE HER. If you two were meant to be together, it will happen. You just must be patient until the relationship matures again and shows itself... one way or the other. Good luck

Hope this helps!

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