Can I win my exwife from another man?

by Robin

Dear Stella

My ex wife cheated on me and left me for 10 years younger boy. She is in her early thirties. We have been together for more then seven years. We never had any big problems, last crisis was the worst. I think it was partly my fault. I neglected her, didn't pay attention she desired.

She said later that she was unhappy. It wasn't my intention to push her away, i was focused on myself for some time, it didn't last long but enough for her to find a coworker who fueled her needs.

After breakup we were living together for few weeks. Before she left to move in with him she become confused/lost and said that she loves me still. I was happy and ready to take her back. She broke up with him and stayed, but after a week she moved out anyway saying that she needed to be alone. He was pestering her all days long.

A month later i find out that they are together. Then i filed for divorce. Its over now. She left me 6 months ago. No contact between us accept divorce issues and my proposition to meet and talk. She refused.

I still miss her and love her. I want her back in my life but it looks like is too late and she's moving on with that boy. I don't want to pester her, but i have hope that she didn't make a good choice as she suggested before. What should i do? Let her go, be happy if she is? If she would like me back she would do something isnt?

Answer from Stella:

Dear Robin,

(Not sure I understood your last sentence). Anyway, I think your relationship sounds dead! Take your lumps, mourn a while, then move on. Your ex-wife sounds more than a little bit messed up anyway, you are probably much better off starting over in a fresh relationship than trying to resurrect a dead one.

Sorry, just the way I see it.
Good luck,

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