Can we ever get back to normal?

by Casey

Hi Stella,

My boyfriend and I have been together in total for nearly 3 years. We had a very happy and good relationship and moved in together with his parents. Things were still happy but got very 'routine' for us.

I then got a job at a local pub and there was a guy there who liked me. Like a stupid idiot I thought I liked him and to cut a long story short
I ended my relationship for him. I regret nothing more in my life than doing that.

I soon realised what I had done and was very lucky to be given a second chance by my boyfriend who I adore so much. We are not sure if we can make this work but we're trying. Any advice on this please? I'll be so grateful for a reply.

Please say there's hope?


From Stella:

Once the trust is broken, you can never, ever go back to that beautiful, magical, innocent glow of first love. You made a mistake, and now he has given you a second chance!

How lucky for you that he has chosen to forgive you and try to make your life together work.

And work it will be... there is no easy fix to this. You cannot just say you are sorry and make all the hurt and distrust disappear overnight.

The only thing you can do is spend the next few years of your life with him, behaving yourself and quietly loving him. Hopefully in time you will come to a loving respect for each other based on deeds, not words.

Good luck to you Casey, sounds like your guy is a sweetie.


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