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You, Cancer, are the most sensitive, sympathetic, and moody sign under the stars. You react through your feelings and emotions much more so than your mind. You can be generous to the point of gullibility. You are very sensitive to those less fortunate than you, and are often taken advantage of for this reason.

You love romance. You are affectionate and romantic, yourself, and can be self-sacrificing for your mate. You can appear shallow, rest- less and fickle in affairs of the heart. You have high standards in a man, and may be disappointed often or have to wait a long time to find the "right one".

But once you've found him, that's it! You fall hard, and give it your all. You don't play games once you've fallen in love, and are easy to read and to keep. Your love relationship means everything to you, is of the utmost importance. You will do anything to keep your man, and sometimes that's not a good thing. Grow some common sense, try not to give too much more than you get, and you'll do fine.


ARIES: 3/21 thru 4/20       LIBRA: 9/22 thru 10/22
4/21 thru 5/20    SCORPIO: 10/23 thru 11/21 
5/21 thru 6/20     SAGITTARIUS: 11/22- 12/20
6/21 thru 7/21     CAPRICORN: 12/21 thru 1/19
7/22 thru 8/21         AQUARIUS: 1/20 thru 2/18
8/22 thru 9/21      PISCES: 2/19 thru 3/20

ARIES:  You are a water sign, and Aries is fire. This is not a favorable combination, and will require lots of effort in order to work. You have a sense of responsibility, a good head when it comes to financial security and real estate decisions. You are  constructive, practical, conservative, and like to settle down. The Aries man is a fiery, aggressive, independent globe-trotter. See the clash here? You will try to channel all of his energetic forces into constructive projects. You will try to "mother" him, and won't understand why he is given to flighty, impractical dramas. The upside of this match: awesome physical attraction. If you both can learn to compromise, compromise, can build a steady, interesting, and passionate love relationship.

TAURUS:  You, Cancer, have a sense of responsibility, a good head when it comes to financial security and real estate decisions. You are constructive, practical, conservative, and like to settle down. Sounds kinda like Taurus, doesn't it? You do have a lot in common with the Taurus man---you both crave security---emotional and financial. That makes for a great match. You are both thrifty, but may have problems deciding on how to spend money. Careful here! Don't let this become a big problem. You tend toward moodiness. Taurus will have to learn to tolerate it, and not preach when this happens. He will have to let you enjoy your down times. What will keep you guys together? You both love home, building a nest. And enjoying it. Affection and gentle understanding will go a long way towards cementing this relationship.

GEMINI: Cancer with Gemini... This is not a favorable combination, and will require lots of effort in order to work. You have a sense of responsibility, a good head when it comes to financial security and real estate decisions. You are  constructive, practical, conservative, and like to settle down. Your Gemini is an energetic explorer. See the clash here? You will try to channel all of his energetic forces into profitable projects. You will try to "mother" him, and won't understand why he is given to flighty, impractical adventures.  If he is willing to settle down,  you can provide a steadying influence on him, and show him how to make some money. This love match, however, will require quite a bit of work and compromise on his part. For you, Cancer, are a mature, serious plotter. And he will have to grow up a little bit in order to meet you eye-to-eye.

CANCER: Cancer with Cancer doesn't make for the most exciting or romantic of mixes, but it works. Why? Both of you are supremely happy at home, secure and comfortable in your mutual nest.  You share a sense of responsibility, and both make good financial and real estate decisions. Cancers can run to the insecure side, so each of you must take the time to reassure and heap love on your mate. You must make clear from the start that this is going to be an equal partnership, with affectionate spoiling issuing from both sides. Although other signs might find your life together boring, you two Cancers are very happy together, enjoying a solid, satisfying relationship.

LEO:  Leos and Cancers can be as different as night and day. But they can get along famously if they are willing to "give" a little. The Leo sign is one of royalty. Leos are self-centered, bossy, fiery, generous, passionate, independent. You, Cancer, are sensitive, emotional and sincere. Leo must learn to respect your turf, and not trample on your feelings. You, Cancer, must let Leo rule his domain. You can both get along by celebrating your differences. Give each other plenty of praise, support and affection, and you will bond into an exciting, romantic pair.

VIRGO:  Virgos like to take care of everyone. They are simple, sensible, practical, responsible. They get the job done. This may make for a good match with Cancer, who is looking for someone to take care of her.  Virgo can be a positive influence on you: ground you, slow you down, protect you,  help you. Virgos can be loners, and revel in quiet time alone. If you can respect his privacy, you have gone a long way towards capturing his heart. If he is willing to let you ventilate, and can curb his constant stream of recommendations for improvement, you will find a comfortable and safe partner to share your life with.

LIBRA:  Cancer and Libra bring out the best in each other, and can have a loving, successful relationship.  Libra loves peace, and will be the refined diplomat, working to make everyone happy. A Libra man can give you the security and contentment you need. He will give you a solid basis in reality, and bring you down to earth when your emotions get out of control. You can give your Libra a stable relation- ship to help him stay balanced. If you are ready to settle down, and spend time at home with family, then maybe Libra is right for you. Pamper him and cherish him, and never take advantage of his agreeable nature. This laid-back sweetie can make you a steady and trustworthy partner for life.

SCORPIO:  A Scorpio man represents intrigue. He will awaken your sleeping soul--often by challenging your core beliefs. He  may open you up to the mystical or spiritual.  He may help you realize your innermost desires, and cause you to stop, question, seek the truth.  This introspection can be a good thing for emotional and sometimes overwhelmed Cancer. Heed these warnings, however: a Scorpio can at times be smothering, possessive, jealous, ruthless, controlling, plotting and sneaky. He's a scorpion, remember? You, Cancer, can be so sensitive and gullible, and may get stung badly by this man.  So why risk getting hurt? A love affair with a Scorpio can be an exquisite spiritual journey,  full of passion and mystery. You'll not be bored.

SAGITTARIUS:  There is always an explosive chemistry present when Cancer and Sagittarius hook up. Now this can lead to a fiery ignition of love, or just blow you two out of the water. Sagittarius is a philosopher, seeking freedom and honesty in a big way. He sees the big picture and helps you see it, too. He is entrepreneurial, constantly planning new projects, and will be passionate and driven about his challenging ventures.  Sagittarius will help you expand your horizons, and he has a pretty agreeable disposition, to boot. If he can take time away from his projects to bond with you, and appreciate your sincere devotion to him, a relationship with a Sag could beome a grand journey of the mind. And stick with him, for one of his long- range projects may well bear lots of fruit for you both.

CAPRICORN:  You and Capricorn, being opposites, attract well. Capricorn, the zodiac "Daddy", bonds easily with a Cancer "Mother". Cancer's soft, motherly touch softens up the heavy, disciplined Capricorn. He can be given to spells of depression, and you, Cancer, are just the right mix of sympathy and sensitivity to pull him back up. Your Capricorn may help you slow down and grow up.  Unless you are mature enough to change in this way,  you may resent his authoritarian interference. Unless he can lighten up sometimes, stop and smell the roses, and learn how to romance you,  you're not likely to stick around long enough for this supportive relationship to gel.

AQUARIUS:  An Aquarian man can get your motor running, in more than one way. He's an impulsive dreamer, full of grand ideas, lofty promises, and romantic gestures. He will touch your aspirations, get your hopes up, your head in the clouds, and often disappoint you by failing to deliver. An Aquarian is more cold and emotionally distant than you, sensitive Cancer. But he may well be worth pursuing for his vital friendship and exciting energy. If you are realistic, and not blinded by his charms, a relationship with an Aquarius can be a pleasant, fruitful and romantic experience.

PISCES:  You can mix well with your fellow water sign, Cancer. Pisces may force you to do a little soul-searching, and can bring out feelings of fear and guilt in you. But on the plus side, he can provide you with a sense of balance, and stimulate you both intellectually and spiritually. When you get together with Pisces, you can fall into an atmosphere of dreaminess and  mystery. This can be a pleasant and revealing experience for you, or can be negative and even a little scary. Pisces can be indirect and secretive, while you're always honest and sincere. Can you learn to respect his privacy and accept his soothing energy, even if he neglects your needs sometimes? It will take a bit of compromise and giving to make this love affair work out.

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