Cancer? The one ?

Dear Stella

My name is p and i m having a serious problem with my bf. Here is our story: my bf and i met on a paid dating website and we live in Asia. He is from the uk and i m from the coutry that we are living. I live in the US for 10 years so I m more an american. We have been dating for 1 yr and 8 months.

In july 2015, his mom was diagnosed w cancer. Since then , everything has changed. He has to fly back frequenly to see his mom, which i totally understand and support. In sept, he told me that he feels like our relationship is great but he cant picture me in his future. We both cry but he wants to try again and he told me because he loves me and think i m very special that he wants to try again. He said he is not emotionally available and i think is becauae of his moms situation. He wants to communicate w me and share how he feels.

We then go on and fast forward to late oct. He just came back from the Uk and he cried to tell me it is not working that he wants to break up. He loves me but he cant do it. I think it is because he just came back from the uk. We ended up being together again as want to try again.

In nov, now, we had a heavy talk again and he said he loves me but dont know what to do and i purpose to have a break as want to give us space to think. He was happy as he wants to be reminded how much he loves and wants to be w me.He feels very lucky to have me in his life. But the worst happen, his mom cancer might have spread and he needs to go back to the uk and he does not have a plan to come back.

We were just gonna be back on track and now he has to leave. I want to support and be do the best for him as i love him so i know he wants to be w his family. But should i inisit to wait if he does not want to do long distance? I think he is confuse and tired because he feels guilty to be away from his family. I want to do the best for him and i really think we will be great together and i can help him go through this hard time.

We only have 1 month left and we havent talked about what to do yet. Should i ask or wait? What should i do? Thank you.

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by: Stella

Hi, If it is not possible for you to go to him and help him and his Mom. Then you should wait I know that is not easy. But that is the only course if you love him. Stella

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