Candy candy candy

by Alexandria Kimball
(Lawrence, KS)

For our anniversary, he gave me, among other things, a large bag of individually wrapped multi-flavored twizzlers. I had left that yr 2go2 college n the nxt town over, so snacks 2 go were the sweetest thing (I'm a bit of an efficiency freak, plus my folks weren't helping me money-wise, so I was foodless a lot)- & I'd just found out I had a low-blood sugar problem, so this candy came in handy many a morning. Twizzlers r something our band that we have 2gether eats a lot, &to get some special flavor ones all to myself was darling. They lasted a long time too... : ) This gift was thoughtful bc it was something I really needed, not a card or flowers or musik, which I got those too, and it made me think of him evry time i ate some : ) that's what a good gift does !

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