Can't get over my partners past

I am a lesbian & am in a relationship with my partner of about a year
I love & care about her more than I have any other girlfriend
I just have some trust, respect & anger issues.

Basically, when I met her she was a married " straight " woman with a child
I knew her for a couple years, & then she had another child.
About 5 months after the second was born she tells me that she
Is really a lesbian, that her marriage is actually an arrangement
all because she wanted children, has medical issues & needed to have it happen sooner than later, & she wanted her kids to have someone besides her that they could count on
Because, her family had abandoned her in the past.
She paid the "husband" to do all this, they lied to his whole family
Both their co-workers, a lot of friends neighbor s etc..
& set timeline, to when they filed for divorce..

After she told me, she then told me she was attracted to me &
Things started happening with us,
Very slow at first, then fast

Basically, now I am still having trust issues due to all the lying
In her past, I also don't respect any of her decisions & have a
Very hard time trying to understand

I hate bringing any of it up, I have ALOT
& she feels horrible she says

I really hate the man who agreed to all this I think he took advantage of her in her time
Of need , he's a sick bastard.

Please help.

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by: Anonymous

Your partner seems dishonest.

by: Anonymous

I am definitely no expert
but I think you need to move on.

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