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Fun & Games

Just for fun! Humor is an important ingredient in any successful long-term relationship. Take the time to laugh and have fun with these jokes, games, and ideas for fun and romantic interludes.

Hey, Two Questions...
Only A Guy Would Think of This...
Poor Tired Doggy...
Sorry For the Hiatus...
Just For Fun... Your Visual DNA Profile
More From The Sidewalk Artist
Partying Pumpkin...
Here's Your Sign...
Ladies in Texas! Order Now Before Ike Hits!
Boo Boo Bear
You Know You're a Redneck....
The Wit & Wisdom of Larry the Cable Guy...
Funny Start to your week... Vid
Don't You Just Love the Brits?
So you think your toddler is hyper?
Global Warming...
Sick of all the political speeches?
The Worlds Ugliest Tattoo....
Friday Vid: The Trap
Need a Chuckle? Here it is...
Granny vs. Punk
Hump Day Chuckle...
What'll They Think Of Next?
Those Talented Aussie Women!
Is This Thing Is For Real... or a Computer Generated Illusion? You Decide...
The Trunk Monkey... I want one!
Quick Quiz---- What Is This?
Friday Vid: Fun Down in Louisiana!
Happy Easter... Ya'll!
Monday Morning Grin: Finally... Error Messages We Can Understand...
If Hillary Wins the Election...
Friday Vid: Smile! It's Friday!
Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?
Monday Morning Grin: 20 ways to deal with insanity in the workplace:
Friday Vid: Naughty but Fun...
Friday Vid: The 6 Million Dollar Commercial
Friday Vid: That Demon Alcohol
Monday Morning Grin... You Want Me To Do Whaaat !?!
All In A Day's Work...
Feeling Like the "Big Dog" Lately?
What? Florida's Not Perfect?
Friday Vid: First Wedding Dance
Here's Why I Live In Florida...
Up the Creek...
Monday Morning Grin: Rednecks & Here's Your Sign!
Friday Vid: The Skeleton of Ancient Man...
Why Men Should Never Take Phone Messages...
If Only You Could Read Humans This Easily...
Cool Ghost Video
Monday Morning Grin: Halloween Pumpkins
HalloDogs, Part II
It's The HalloDogs, Part I
Monday Morning Grin: Never, never, never....
Friday Vid: If Birds Could Talk...
Monday Morning Grin: Candy, anyone?
Friday Vid: Have You Seen This One?
Let's Quit Screwing Around In Iraq!
Friday Vid: Looking For a Job Change?
Monday Morning Grin- Living Life Backwards...
Friday Vid: Love Them Kitties!
Monday Morning Grin... Up In Smoke!
Friday Vid: The Farmer's Daughter
Monday Morning Grin: Try saying these after 2 beers!
Friday Vid: Pickup Truck Boogie
There's a Story In There Somewhere...
Friday Vid: High Speed Cameras are Cool!
Think You've Seen It All?
Sure It's Monday, But...
Friday Vid: Beware the Killer Tortoise!
Monday Morning Grin: Fun at the Pump!
Friday Vid: I Want One!
True Love is an Orange?
Monday morning grin: Simple Home Remedies
Friday Vid: Bob the Builder (In Highheels?)
Monday Morning Grin: The World's Ugliest Dog?
Monday Morn Grin... Here Kitty Kitty...
Monday Morning Grin--- Okay, this is for the guys!
Friday Vid: Sexiest Guys Make the Sweetest Thing
Monday Morning Grin... True Love comes in many forms
Monday Morning Grin- One Sexy Garden!
Friday Vid: The Redneck 911 Call...
Monday Morning Grin... Question!
Friday Vid.... The Squirrel & the Corn
Alright, You Dog Lovers... It's Your Turn
Cat Lovers vs Dog Lovers: Enjoy
Friday Vid: The Redneck Rodeo Ride!
Monday Morning Grin: The "F" Word
Friday Vid: The Evolution of Dance
Think You're Smart? Try This Fun Test
Monday Morning Grin: Interracial Love
Last Day of Julian Beever Fantastic Sidewalk Art!
Julian Beever Sidewalk Art- Day 3
More fantabulous sidewalk art from Julian Beever
You Gotta See These! Ever Hear of Julian Beever?
Friday Vid: The Lemonade Stand
Monday Morning Grin... A Sign From God?
CHILL With These Stunning Shots from the North Pole...
Bad Week? Buzzards Got You Down?
Monday Morning... Irish Flooding
Never Send Dad to the T-shirt Shop!
Monday Morning Grin... They Found Her !!!
Belated Monday Grin.... Pit Bull VS. Porcupine
So, how's your day goin'?
Monday Morning Grin... If Only Dads Were Left
So You Think You've Got Problems?
Monday Morning Grin: Condom Sponsors?
Tragic Easter Bunny Carnage
Monday Morning Grin... Some Great Pics!
Belated Monday Morning Grin...
Monday Morning Grin: The Purina Dog Chow Diet
Feelin' smart today? Try this quick IQ test.
Monday Morning Grin... Funny Pics #1
Monday Morning Grin... Coming soon to Wal Mart!
SEX IN CYBERSPACE..... (When Scott met Sarah)
Monday Morning Grin... You Can't Fix Stupid!
Monday Morning Smile... It Ain't Swearin'
Monday Morning Smile
You Know You're a Redneck When...
More Funny Signs!
Do Canadians have a sense of humor?
Cool animal pics!
HO, HO, HO...
Gotta sell the bike, huh?
Happy Thanksgiving!
Your Grin for the Day
HAPPY HALLOWEEN... Enjoy our cool jack-o-lanterns!
CRAP! It's tragic losing a best friend...
The Advantages Of Being A Man...
The Advantages Of Being A Woman
Invited to a Halloween Party?
You Might Be a Redneck if...
Need a good laugh? Read these actual headlines from 2005...
You Might be a Redneck if...
You Might Be A Redneck If...
Where Shopping is a Pleasure...
Our buddy Chester got fired the other day
The Hangover