by Lorraine
(4824 san marcos pl. los angeles,ca.90042)

I met a girl at work. I'm a lesbian and this girl is married with a child. I sensed something about her but i wasn't sure. Well anyways... we became friends and this one day she told me she had a dream about me. One thing lead to another and now we go out and see each other any chance we can.

She told me she sees me in her future and she wants me. She also told me that she made a mistake getting married. To me once you get married that's it. There is no turning back.

My head tells me to leave her alone but my heart tells me the opposite. We talk all the time and we send each other messages.

But deep down inside I don't have the heart to continue with this. I hate myself and I feel cheap. But I'm beginning to have serious feelings for her. Everyday I pick fights with her so she will think I'm crazy, but she just says she can handle me. But yet I hear her telling her husband lies so she can see me. HELP!


From Stella:


Integrity, honesty and trust is the same whether in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. This woman is obviously a liar and a cheat.

The same old story: if you win a person who cheats on his mate, you will win a person who cheates on his mate.

Trust your gut on this one and pass her by. Time will help you heal.


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