Confused !

by Ella

I went to a party last week, and a guy was there who I knew. We'd already talked before, but we didn't really know each other that much. So everyone was a bit tipsy; we started dancing together and then he started saying a bunch of sweet stuff, asking why i didn't have a boyfriend and that i was really pretty and he would of been interested if he didn't have a girlfriend, and he was always hugging me and stuff like that.

So I thought it was just the alcohol making him say all that, but it turns out it wasn't, he started talking to me the next day online, saying the same stuff as the night before, but he has a girlfriend and i don't understand why he's being so flirtatious !

We talk every day and he's always complimenting me and he never talks about his girlfriend, they don't seem all that close. He also wants me to go to another party this week end. I just want to know if he's showing signs of interest or just being nice .. ! I really like this guy.. Please help!


Answer from Stella:

Hi Ella,
You need to ask him point blank if he is still with the girlfriend. If he is, then tell him you'd be interested in going to a party with him if he ever breaks up with his girlfriend. And stick to it.

Do you really want to be the mistress of an unmarried man?

Hope this helps!

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