Confused About Glasses

by Sarah Saleem
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

I wear glasses. On my last date, I wore transparent contact lenses to my date. My boyfriend told me he he finds me more cute with glasses! Just last month my mother bought brown colored contact lenses for me, which my entire family finds very attractive on me.

I did not tell my boyfriend about my new lenses because I wanted to give him a surprise. I thought since everyone else liked the brown lenses on me, I thought maybe he would too.

However, now I'm confused. Should I wear my new lenses or my old glasses to my next date?


Answer from Stella:
Forget what your family thinks, and forget what your boyfriend said: which do YOU prefer? Which do you find most effective, comfortable and attractive? And go with that.

Your boyfriend is just not used to your "new look", but if he loves you, he will accept and get used to your choice.

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