Confused? She sends mixed signals?

I met this woman back in February by chance and we hit it off. We live 5 hours apart and the distance made it difficult. We decided to back off and when we see each other the sparks just fly.

I am moving there in a month and now she says she doesn't see us working out because we are too much like friends, but yet she gets jealous if I mention another woman or simply one on TV. She says I say sweet words to her, I always touch her heart by being so open with my feelings. She says she really values this quality in me.

She continues to have the same concern that this confusion our relationship has been facing could possibly set me up for getting hurt. She says she could never forgive herself if she ever hurt me. She tells me I have given her more than I know.

She thinks I am perfectly capable of making the judgment that if I feel the relationship is not right for me, I should put an end to it. She says the way things are this is all I can offer you right now. She says not minimizing how you feel at all, in fact she says "I feel so blessed to have someone in my life who actually truly cares for me. You are a HUGE change from what I have had before! I love having you in my life, and am so glad we met."

She still sends me flirty messages, but they aren't as frequent. She told me I would have the pick of women there, but then she gets jealous and admits it. She says she could date someone else, but she isn't looking.

So I'm so confused and yes I fell in love with her. And if she doesn't hear from me she still calls and says she misses me. But then she has said "I feel like a loser I don't have a man".


From Stella:

I hope you haven't given up the lease on your house yet.

This woman is just yanking your chain. And yes, you are setting yourself up for a big-time hurt. Stay put. She sounds like bad news to me.


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Head games are not fair
by: Anonymous

In reading about the man(confused) who met this wonderful woman back in February and how they live 5 hours from each other that makes dating hard on both of them, please think real hard about your move to where this woman lives.

Mixed feelings by this woman who "enjoys being around you but can only see you as a friend" is her being unsure of her true feelings. This woman might be seeing other men around the area where she lives or she might have had some bad relationships in the past and she is scared of being hurt again.

Maybe keeping you at arms length gives her that safe feeling or stop her from hurting someone else. In this big world, there is a man for every woman and a woman for every man. I am not sure I'll live long enough to find the right one for me. Cobwebs may settle on me while I am (Hope not).

Confused, please stay put, it's best to avoid making a mistake!

by: Anonymous

I am going through the same thing, but if she is smart and realizes, she will make the right choice. If she isn't smart, just get over her, other than that just stay and wait it out. If you get hurt you get hurt, but don't burn your bridges!!!

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