by Aldo
(New York)

Hi Stella, I have an issue.  I'm a gay man and I'm interested and been "talking" to this guy for 8 months now.  He is a wonderful person a true sweetheart.  We have a lot in common and he has a lot of qualities I want in a man but one thing... he wants to take things slow.  He is not ready for a relationship but he wants to get to know me and see where things go.  We haven't done the "deed" yet which is frustrating and we hardly see each other or go on dates but sometimes we meet up for a little while and we go our own way.. I have dropped him off to his house and no invite to go upstairs, I have been to his house maybe around 4 times but that's it not as much as I would like to be .. We talk everyday on the phone he answers my text and he seems interested in me but nothing.  He says he is over his ex and they broke up almost 2 years now..I have asked him but he says he is interested in me but doesn't want to rush and he is not ready he says he is not seeing anyone else and not talking to anyone else and that I have been a blessing in his life more than any other .. If he knows this and knows that he has a good thing in front of him than why isn't he embracing it and make me his man.  Sometimes it makes me think that Im not enough for him or that he is seeing or having affairs with other men even though he says he is not ..  Am I the one rushing it? Is my imagination getting the best of me? should I pull back and go with flow? Please help! 

Answer from Stella:
Dear Aldo,

Please pull back and just listen to yourself...
"Am I the one rushing it? Is my imagination getting the best of me? should I pull back and go with flow?"

The answers to your questions... Yes, Yes & Yes

Try to relax, Aldo. Give him plenty of space. Do not push him to make a decision. Try to just enjoy his company and see where things go naturally. If you are meant to be together, you will be.

Hope this helps!

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