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Welcome to our great little collection of funny or touching true stories of love on the internet. This is a new page, so bear with us, and return often to catch up on the latest tales!

Don't let some of the horror stories you read here scare you off. You may well have to wade through some frogs before you get to your prince(ss).

Internet dating is like that... but so is life offline.

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First, we invite you to submit your own story of your adventures (or misadventures) with online dating. Tell us about funny, disastrous or unusual dates, or how you found true love on the internet.

We'll be waiting.... (P.S. The best submissions to our Mini Forums  win a great prize, so give it a whirl).


Jeanette won a super prize with her story Miracle By Chance (How We Met Online).

For a little comic relief, enjoy these dating horror stories:

  Mr. TV  & Mr. Tickle Fingers

And don't miss the stories submitted by others below the form.

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I Found the Love of my Life 
I was married for almost 22yrs and after a recent separation found myself on the internet looking for new friends. To my surprise I met a couple of …

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At the risk of scaring you off the whole online-dating idea, we've got a funny video to show you now. This tape is kinda old, a guy got it from his Mom, who worked for a dating service several years ago. Just so you know what might just be lurking behind those flowery emails...





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