Dazed and Confused

by Mike
(New Jersey)

Have been married for over 20 years. Have never cheated and neither has she. However, for the last year I have developed a friendly relationship with a woman at work. We have a great deal in common and talk or text all the time. I am in love with this woman. She also is married but is not satisfied with her relationship. This "friend" doesn't know that I am in love with her. Should I tell her? Should I wait for her to make the first move? I know that I miss this woman terribly when I do not see her. I feel like an idiot.


From Stella:

You are dazed & confused if you are asking whether you should escalate an unfaithful relationship! (You're asking the wrong person).

Sounds to me like you are a little bored with your life and allowed yourself to become infatuated with another woman for excitement.

Nothing is to be gained from finally cheating on your wife. You never even mentioned her! Look into your soul and ask yourself if you are willing to risk losing a 20-year relationship just for the sake of a little "excitement".

Infidelity causes nothing but heartbreak and pain. Stop this outside relationship now, and work on re-connecting with your wife.

That's my advice to you.

Good luck,

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People change, married or not
by: Anonymous

I believe people constantly change throughout their lives, so what. Maybe he's changed and his wife hasn't. Why limit yourself and not be happy?

Don't do it!
by: Anonymous

Your wife doesn't deserve that. If it's excitment you're craving, talk about it. Perphaps your wife is feeling a litle bored with you as well, it's normal to want excitment, but you will not respect this other woman or yourself if you do this. Remember if they will cheat with you they'll cheat on you too!

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