Dear Stella,

by RJ-Anne
(North Carolina)

I'm sixteen years old and I've never entered a relationship before. I guess you could say that I'm that typical nerdy girl who focuses a lot on her studies. So I've never really paid much attention to dating and stuff. Also I've never met a guy my type.
These past few weeks,I've met a guy and it's like he's too good to be true! We have a lot of similarities and he's the type of guy I've always imagined going out with. With been talking and getting to know each other, I decided to let things just flow.
He's just so perfect for me that I'm afraid that he's too perfect. I'm really awkward and stuff Stella, I think he likes me too, I'm still hesitating what should I do?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There is no need to rush into anything you should take your time and get to know each other. That is the wonderful thing about being young. If he really likes you he won't mind. Stella

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