by Denied

Dear Stella
I had a two year relationship with a man half my age. He convinced me to keep it quiet as he didn't want it to affect my job or my relationship with my teenage children. He lived in my house, drove my car etc but no one knew. We told each other we were in love and were faithful. He had girlfriends - he said platonic - duh - until one got pregnant and we broke up. He now is engaged to her and just emailed me to tell me to stop telling people we were in a romantic relationship - because that was never so - we only had a weekend occurrence.

I am not telling many people - I have moved on - but he owes me money and is late on his payments - and he and his fiancee insist she deal with it and she is insulting - so yes I may tell her stuff - but never disrespectful.

This denial of his - this lie has shocked me. It makes me seem like a lunatic - one who has hallucinated this relationship.

I am in a great relationship now with a man closer to my age and professional status - and I certainly don't miss the young man - I know I had lowered my standards because I was vulnerable then so why would I ever tell people there was something with him if it weren't true?

His fiancee believes it and is convinced that I am a bitter woman who lusts after her man.

what do I do?


Answer from Stella:

Hi Denied,
How much does he owe you? It might be well worth your peace of mind to cut yourself totally free from this nutcase. Forget the money. Let him go. Make a new life with your new guy!

Good luck and

Hope this helps!

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