Dear, Stella
My boyfriend (18 years old) and i (19 years old) have been dating for almost a year and a half and he still havent met my mom. Its not that i didnt want him to but she have had a girl younger girl tell her things that isnt true about him.the girl that told her that is not a angel herself, she have talked to 29 and 39 year old men and she was only 16 at the time, but my mom feel as if she will be better than me because she thinks she have her head on her shoulders. He is a very kind hearted and sweet guy and i want her to be able to see him for herself.he works at the refinery and has his own money. We graduated from the same high school and both of us with honors. ive had to keep our relationship a secret this long and im tired of it. its affecting our relationship and i love him and dont want to lose him. i believe she only doing this because she is over protective and she dont want me to make any mistakes but thats all apart of life making mistakes and you learn from them, thats how you grow as a individual. she is real judgmental because she judges guys off how they look mostly. she would want me to date somebody cute and he can be a woman beater and she dont like me dating dark guys and my boyfriend is dark. i love her and i dont want to disappoint her but im not happy knowing that she dont know about him because he truly is a wonderful individual. i always put everyone's happy before my own and right now im miserable. Please Stella help me and tell me what i should do? i really need help before its too late.


Answer from Stella:

Hi Dezzi,

If you are serious about this guy and tired of hiding things, go for it! Introduce him to your mom and let the chips fall where they may. If you two love each other and are meant to be together, you will both work hard together to make it happen. Your mom will just have to accept your decision.

Good luck
Hope this helps!

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part 2
by: Dezzi

I've tried to do just that but she don't understand how we fell Scott each other. I've started going to therapy because i can't deal with the stress any longer. I hope this is the best for me and she have made it perfectly clear and will not meet him.i hatefeeling this way....

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