Do i already know the man i am going to marry?



I am a 51 year old woman who has not been successful at love. i have had different relationships, but either end up hurt or hurting someone. I am a smoker and know a lot of men do not like that. But i have had no real motivation to quit. i feel i am fairly attractive, but could lose 20 pounds to get real slim. I had one overweight man who was less than attractive tell me i was fat when i am not a big woman, just not a size 4. that hurt. i am friendly, caring and try to take care of myself. i do not understand why love seems so hard for me.

Answer from Stella:

Hi Friendly,

I think you have come to the right spot for help! You need to do some soulsearching to figure out why you have been unlucky in love. And in order to turn this around will take some honest self appraisal and hard work.

We have a plan which I think would help. Click on the "Plan for Love" link at the left. Read each page of the plan and take it to heart. There is sure to be something in there to help you out.

Good luck to you and
Hope this helps!

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