does he like me??

by Anushka

hi:)..i m 16 years old...i like a guy. he is very handsome. he is my close frnd. we talk every day about 1-2 hours on phone.... also went for movie. on valentine's day i shared my feelings wid him... he didnt answered... after a moment he told me that he got idea about my feelings before 15 days(n still he was talking with me for hours !) he dont wants a relationship wid anyone...he dont want to lose his freedom !.... At mid night i got his msg... then we had chat of about 30 msgs... now also we used to talk for 1-2 hours.... whenever he needs any help, he calls me. i used to share my secrets with him, he tries to solve it, n every time he asks me not to trust anyone... he never shares his secrets n his worries wid me. if i asked abt it he give d same ans "dont trust anyone !!".... i m confused.. does he like me? n what should i do? plz help me.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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